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Build it and they will come. Fail.

Second Life has it all. Including it's own T.V. channels and news shows, fashion shows, beauty pageants (how good can you make your avatar look, I guess.) We've all heard about the 'massive marketing failures suffered by real life companies entering Second Life."

The amazing thing is, there is a real life hotel chain planning a campaign in Second Life, beginning with T.V. commercials on the virtual T.V. network and rolling on from there. However, in looking at it, it looks like they might be on to something here.
With the goal of establishing 50 locations through Japan by 2010 and to gain recognition for their “Chisun Inn” roadside hotel brand, Solare has begun a campaign using the new communication medium “Second Life.” Because a high ratio of Second Life users are thought to be those who have not had the opportunity to come into contact with this brand, such as young adults and women, who hold the initiative for trip scheduling, a puppy-themed campaign was developed to appeal to this segment.
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