PostHeaderIcon It's official: Your 'Alternative' to SL is Here. Now.

Well, all you people who are so fed up with the way the grid runs, LL manages and your viewer crashing woes, your MMO Virtual World has arrived - and it's NOT Hipihi! And, this isn't hot air - it's real!

So many have complained and whined about the unreliability of the SL grid, issues with Linden Lab and how they run the grid, complaints about viewer stability and missing inventory items and land squatters and bot campers and... and... people who just plain sneeze wrong and look funny!
"ZOMG! I'd leave so fast if only there were an alternative. I only stay because I don't have a choice. Dammit."

Well, this is more or less what I always see on the Linden Lab Second Life Blog. The good news is the alternate is real. And already well established. Electronic Arts has seen the light and is creating "EA Land" - directly modeled after Second Life. In fact, TSO (The Sims Online) will be rolled into EA Land and the 'world' will supposedly be much much larger.Read the entire article here (presented with except):
EA Turns The Sims Online Into Free EA-Land, Second Life Competitor
EA-Land is the new, free Sims Online (TSO). The 12 different cities from TSO are being moved to EA-Land and the game area is being expanded to be “100 times bigger than the previous size of any city.” Existing TSO users will be able to purchase land in EA-Land before the new (reincarnated) world is open to the public with paying TSO users becoming “EA-Land subscribers” in a similar fashion to the way Linden Lab charges for land in Second Life.Users of EA-Land will have the ability to upload custom content and (more importantly) buy these customizations from other players. Sounding a lot like Second Life? It gets better
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