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New employee announcement from out of Linden Lab.

These announcements are, no doubt of interest to some people. But the masses at large? Nuh-uh. These names don't mean much to me. Not because I don't know my stuff, but rather because I just really don't care.
» Second Life’s Linden Labs adds execs from Intuit, McKinsey | The Toybox | "Linden Lab, creator of the virtual world Second Life, announced today the appointments of Brian Michon, formerly VP of Engineering at Intuit, as Vice President of Core Development and Judy Wade, formerly a partner at McKinsey & Co., as Vice President of Strategy and Emerging Business.

Both will report directly to Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon."

Now, I suspect it's in the 'I don't really care' part where I kind of looked at things from out the side of my eye. You know, that peripheral vision we all have where sometimes you tend to see or notice things you really won't if you were staring straight at it?

Note the quote above. Then this one:
Linden Lab has added more than 100 new employees in the past year, including several executives: Senior Vice President of Customer Applications Howard Look (formerly of Pixar), Chief Product Officer Tom Hale (formerly of Adobe) and Senior Vice President of Global Technology Frank Ambrose (formerly of AOL).

Butchart Gardens 37 - HDR.jpgMaybe this have been obvious to a lot of people and I'm just late to the game. But the fact that Linden Lab is attracting high-end employees from the likes of Adobe, Intuit, Pixar and so on and such and such, to me, really does legitimize Linden lab as a 'big player' in the tech world.

Yes, a small company, but even Adobe was just as small at one time. So was AOL and Microsoft. The point being that the technologies we are getting to play with in Second Life are at the forefront of the shape of things to come, that the company pioneering it is attracting such high-level talent from high profile companies.

The cool part of all this?

You get to say "I was there during all that."

via ZDnet
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