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These are "adult-rated" words that must be filtered in classified and all things search in Second Life according to Linden Lab. You see, the abbreviation "sub" - at least in the mindset of most 'experienced' Second Life users - is "submissive".

Though even the term 'submissive' is not really an adult-rated word. Rather it's the context in which the term 'submissive' is used, which in second Life tends to be the context of the "lifestyle" of bondage and discipline/domination and submission/Sado[-]Masochism (Sadomasochism) or better known simply as "BDSM". It is activities such as this which are so freely prevalent on the Second Life grid that Linden Lab rightfully I believe, implements the new "adult-rated" policy and all the rules the come with it. And those rules are really not very restrictive, save the promiscuous display of such content.

Email from Linden Lab via '
It has come to our attention that your parcel or classified contains adult keywords or has been categorized as Adult, but that it is not currently located on adult land. According to our recent changes in regard to adult content, adult content must be moved to Zindra.

Please note that once the free relocation to Zindra has completed, parcels or classifieds that contain adult search terms but are not located in adult land will no longer be visible in PG or Mature searches in the All tab. As soon as possible, please update your Classifieds or Show in Search listings so that the maturity level of the keywords matches the maturity level of the parcel. You will also need to choose a category other than Adult for your parcel, as this category has been replaced by the Adult maturity. This will allow your listings to show up properly in search.

If your parcel has commercialized adult content or services, you are entitled to land equivalent to your existing parcel(s) on Zindra -- at no charge -- if your request is received by this Friday, July 24.

After July 24, we will no longer accept any new requests for the free relocation to Zindra but will continue to process any requests that are still pending. If you have already submitted a Zindra migration request, please disregard this notice.

To submit your relocation request, please follow the steps outlined in the "How do I apply for the migration to Zindra?" section of our Details for landowners on migrating to Zindra Knowledge Base article. For more information about the land available in Zindra, please see our latest Zindra blog post.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Customer Support
Linden Lab

[Emphasis by Linden Lab as appeared in email.]

Ummm... okay. Did I mention that I received this on July 24th?

I make thrones. I have three 'feature' levels of same-design, which include a "Basic" throne, primarily designed for role playing. It includes five male and six female sitting poses and that's about it. Then there is my "Classic" feature set, that includes seven sitting poses, but also an additional poser for a "Subordinate". And the "Deluxe" level includes one, two or three "Subordinates".

Hence, the word "Sub" in the description.

/me winks.

So, here is the "parcel description":
~ Blackthorne Thrones ~
"The throne store. Dozens of thrones in many genres. Basic for male and female, classics for D/s and even deluxe for 1 Dom and up to 3 simultaneous subs.

SBSL (Second Edition) and Money Tree

I suspect though that it was the "D/s" that did it. No matter. I needed a larger parcel and the virtual land in St Diabloux just never goes up for sale. The people there are holding-on tightly. I just wanted another 1024 square meters to have some spare prims to build with. So I went land-shopping and found a nice large chunk in the sim next door called Croix. You see, for me the sim name also is important along with what is actually there.

The sim name must have a sense of moxy for me and no clubs or malls or other 'people-magnets' in order to keep lag down as much as possible so shopper in my showroom will have the best experience possible. This is why I choose PG-Rated sims. They are primarily "residential" or simple, less-visited small businesses.

So I am in the process of moving things from next-door to my new location. Needless to say, the parcel description won't be so 'explicit'. But this notice might seem like 'bad news' and 'heavy-handed' on the face of it, but it's really good news if you think on it.

It's good news because first of all, Linden Lab is giving warnings to everyone with regard to the new "adult-rating" policy. They are not going to arbitrarily drop the hammer on everyone's head. Just like I've been saying all along.

Secondly, and more importantly, it will force people to really think through how they describe their parcels and businesses. The move to Zindra, a.k.a "Ursula" is not entirely compelled by Linden Lab. It all depends on how you present yourself and your business.

Even though my thrones include what surely would be considered adult-themed 'features', it is simply a matter of presenting them the correct way to adhere to Linden Lab policy.

For starters, a simple adjustment on descriptions: Rather than stating "Dom" or "Dominant" or "Top", I'll simply refer to "Ruler" or "Highness". Rather that "Sub" or "Bottom", I'll refer to "Subordinate".

As for the naughty portion of the menus, it's a simple matter of removing or disabling that part from the demonstration thrones on my showroom floor, but clearly describing that those portions are, in-fact included in the purchased models.

As for parcel descriptions and classified, the massive majority of those in Second Life are approached the wrong way. What I do is use those descriptions to get you to actually visit my showroom, not sell the product. Once you see my product in person in my showroom, then the product can sell themselves (or not) - but the main purpose of the classified and parcel description is simply to get you to visit, not actually purchase anything.

Naoki's GardenSo the new Adult-Rating policy of Linden Lab moves forward. Nice and easy. As I hopped around from sim to sim to sim this morning I did find the notice of "different simulator versions" popping-up often, certainly meaning that Linden Lab is in the process of updating all the sim to the server version that will better support the Adult Rated "features".

As I was configuring the parcel features in the 'about land' widget on my new place last night, I did notice in the "Access" tab that there was a new checkbox to allow only "Adult-Verified Residents" - and this on a PG-rated mainland sim.

It only makes sense that Linden Lab rolls-out the email notices to give proper, fair and early warning to all concerned.

And remember this everyone: the worse that will happen is that your parcel or classified simply will not appear in search results. There is absolutely no reason to "get your panties in a bunch" over it all.

Learn to adapt as we all must do daily in Second Life, and First Life, too.

Art: James Strife; Ari Blackthorne
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