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Why do we not take blogs and so-called "media" like Gawker and GigaOm very seriously at all any more? Because they write crap. Sometimes it's outright bullshit sewage, other times it's pretty plain the author carries an agenda and yet, other times it's plain gullibility, which is what appears the be the proper category for one Matthew Ingram over at GigOm.

Matthew write a rather sympathetic story about developers of a iOS app by the name of "iFlowReader" -  and carries the diatribe of the developer with apparent concern and an evil eye toward Apple for allowing this struggling company to actually make a living... or whatever.

I encourage you to read the artic... er, bleeding-heart diatribe here:

Even the headline of the trash-piece is designed to make Apple the eeeviiil entity here: "The Danger of Playing in Apple’s Walled Garden". What laughable garbage.

I posted a rather pointed comment there. However, since comments there are moderated and I certainly don't expect to see my words being allowed through to public consumption, I've reiterated them here:

Matthew: please tell me you aren't THAT stupid and gullible to write this tripe with a straight face. The reason iFlowReader is closing shop: it's a shit app. It wasn't worth the money being asked for it or it would have sold like hotcakes. It has *nothing* to do with Apple's take of the sales price or Apple's rules of the App Store or the agency model of book-selling and all the rest.

In business, the company must adapt to market changes or else close up shop. When was the last time you saw an AMC on the road? This article is a good laugh, thank you!

If iFlow reader were a good app, it would have sold. If it were good enough, it would have sold enough to sustain what the devs were hoping for. It's a typical entitlement bullshit attitude. It was a really stupid business decision to create an eBook reader and try to sell it when iBooks, Kindle, Google and so many others are available for *free*. Putting "faith in Apple" has nothing to do with it. It's about putting faith into your product and customers believing in it. Fact: the sorting of apps in the App Store have been changed to take actual *use* into ranking. If their app were any good, it would be *used* a lot... apparently not enough that it sinks in ranking... but no, it's Apple's fault!!!

The iFlowReader devs should go develop for Android and ChomeOS. Only to find their hard work pirated within *hours* of release. Seriously, they as developers and you as a writer all really need to get a clue about what makes the world go round.

Frankly it's articles like this as to why so many take all articles like this totally tongue-in-cheek and don't take the blogs they appear on all that seriously.

Thanks for the hard laugh, though.
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