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Cultural quirks are magnified a bazillion times on-line.

And you wonder why Second Life has gone to pot over the last year or two? It's the internationalization of the population that is making Second Life - or parts of it - a miserable cesspool of garbage. And I don't mean the builds, but rather the people.

Have you noticed as you travel around the Grid how there are a lot of people who tend to stay to themselves? But once you get to actually speaking with someone new, (or they come to you,) that's when it becomes clear what culture they come from. Or rather the culture style. Unfortunately, many of those cultures are less than pleasant company.

I've had the opportunity to travel the real life world. My stint in the United States Army has given me the opportunity to meet people from many countries - and not just meet them, but to live and work with them and get to know them. And in these travels, I've discovered a few consistent traits among these peoples.

Now, to be sure, all the traits I'll describe apply to all people in a particular country or culture and the range of attitudes is complete from the lowest lowlife all the way up to the shining stars. However, when going into anonymous mode, ones true nature tends to come crawling (or running) out of the shadows into the limelight - that which they keep hidden in public seems to be let loose in the anonymous digital world.

So, I am going to generalize quite broadly here. When I reach your country - don't take it personally. It's a general thing based on my RL and SL experience. And also note that I am talking about people you've never met before in SL - not your friends or acquaintances, but those you come across for the first time. Introductions as it were. And I am only going to cover those I have actual Second Life and Real Life experience with.

Asians RL: Smart. Hard-working. Creative eye for shapes and colors and unusual things. Moxie and style in everything they do. Perfectionists.

Asians SL: Smart. Hard-working. Creative eye for shapes and colors and unusual things. Moxie and style in everything they do. Perfectionists.

I have to say, I have gone to a lot of Asian sim, met of lot of RL Asians in SL and they always are polite, seem to be 'quiet' and 'speak softly' - almost as if there is a slight shyness their, but it's really about manners. I am impressed with most Asian people I meet all the time. You can almost be able to tell when you meet an Asian in SL: If they are builder: perfection. Or it's not for sale. And prices are incredibly low, too. For them, it seems to be more about the art than the money. For example, I purchased a seven-story pagoda for L$350. And the workmanship, textures and prim-perfection rivals similar builds that easily would have had a price tag equalling $L2500 or more. I purchased all I needed to complete a 4096 sized Japanese garden for around L$1500 - total.

Germans RL: Friendly, fun-loving, Hard-working, fun-loving, hard-playing, fun-loving and outspoken. Did I mention fun-loving?

Germans SL: Drunk.

Okay - don't take the SL comment wrong. Germans in SL are often drunk. And I love it! Most are pretty serious and hard-working shen sober, but when a drunk German is an the keyboard in SL, his fun-loving nature comes out in full-force. They tend to be loud and boisterous. In fact, you could even be tempted to file an abuse report at times for griefing - except it is obvious they are (always) having a great time and want to bring you along.

Netherlands RL: Loose, Introverted, Promiscuous.

Netherlands SL: Introverted, Promiscuous.

Everyone I have ever met from the Netherlands is pretty introverted - they tend to keep to themselves. Now, once you get to know them, they will open up a bit. But until that time, it's like an inner circle they keep around them and you're on the outside. Fortunately, it's not hard to get in on the inside. Drop your pants and you're half way there. Sex to most of these people I have personally met: is not different that sleeping or eating or siting and watching TV: It's a given. Why get all uptight about it? 

But they also tend to be bleeding-heart, left-fringe, politically-correct wackos at the same time.

French RL: Stuck-up, never shave, some stink.

French in SL: Stuck-up, rude, full of himself, thinks he's God's gift to the universe.

The only problem with the French in SL is that they are French.

Okay - yes, a bit harsh. So, allow me to clarify: some of the French I have met have been tolerable. Practically all are in the category of "planet could do without". They are rude and crude and seem to think it's something special because they are French. Go to any freebie sex beach/joint/club/park/you-name-it and you'll see hordes of men running around asking the woman if they want to 'have some fun' and they always feel a need to include "and I'm French!"

So I like to toss-out to them "Is it important to you that you are French?" Most will come back with a simply "Yes, i am french, what r u?" To which my reply is simply "Then it's good you are French since being French is so important to you."

Canadians RL: Heh. Wow.

Canadians SL: Ditto.

I've been all over the world and lived only a couple hours from the Canadian border since 1991. Never been to Canada. Until now. I'm writing this from the Maritime Provinces - New Brunswick. beautiful country, wonderful people. The dialects ca take a little getting used to, though. I guess I've always seen how open and friendly Canadians are as a rule. But, being completely surrounded by them has finally opened my eyes and I am practically stunned at the friendliness and generosity of Canadian people. When they say and ask "hello, how are you" - they seem to really mean it. Every stranger I've spoken to had approached me first and a short conversation spins-up. Their interest is genuine.

I also am amazed at the pride of Canadians. It's the kind of pride Americans had during and shortly after World War II. I don't mean the whole patriotic thing - you know, singing the national anthem and all that. But just plain old pride. Proud to proclaim they are Canadians. The Maple Leaf icon is everywhere. There are Canadian versions of everything: The fast-food places, Ford and Chevy, and so many other things. When I say Canadian versions - I mean the Maple Leaf is part of the logo. That's not true on German or French McDonalds logos.

So, looking back on it, many of the friendliest people I've met in SL were often in or from Canada.

So, whatever coin the others tend to be on, Canadians are on the flip-side.

United Sates RL: All of the above.

United States SL: Ditto.

You tend to get all of the above from people in and from the United states and it's a pretty wide chasm in range. Most idiots you find in SL that run around begging you for L$10 so they can but a new shirt are U.S.; most griefers are U.S.; Most scammers are griefers; most people with absolutely horrendous tempers are U.S.; most idiots running around with their newbie primdicks hanging out are French. Er..., could be U.S., too. Well, you get the idea.

Lots of folks in the U.S. are friendly, caring people, too. Really, really good people. Oh, but those might be Canadian transplants, though.

So, makes me wonder if Cen's real name is Nedra as I suspect the Ce in CeNedra is really a truncation of "Canadian extraordinaire". And her blog should be called Cen's Toonie - it's worth more that pennies anyway.

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