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So now the timeline starts to form. Definitions are starting to firm-up. Answers to questions are within sight and some have arrived already. Key items are emphasized:

...we've published a working draft of the definitions for PG, Mature and Adult [below]. We want to continue the discussion about our definitions and then finalize them by the end of April.

The forums will stay up through the end of this process so we can continue to hear your feedback. Next week, we plan to release the Release Candidate (RC) for Viewer 1.23, which will be the first to include the new functionality related to this initiative. If you want to get an early look at setting maturity ratings and filtering search results, you'll be able to do both with the new RC.

Over the next few months, we'll be continuing to work on the main viewer, which we anticipate will be ready by the end of June. When Viewer 1.23 is final and ready to become the main Viewer (again, estimated to be by the end of June), the full implementation process will begin - all regions will need to be maturity-rated, search will be filtered for everyone, Adult content on the mainland will need to move to the new continent, and access to Adult regions and search results will be limited to Residents with verified accounts.[From Update - Upcoming Changes for Adult Content - Community - Second Life Blogs]
In a nutshell:Preview what the filtering controls will look and feel like next week via a release candidate version of an upcoming official viewer.
Plan on things going live by the end of June; where "adult-rated" must move to the new adult-rated continent Ursula. The search results will be filtered and available only to verified accounts.
The main question for me relates to verification. I already am verified via the current system and I simply am curious if this system will continue to be used, or if another more thorough/reliable/validated system will be in-place and if I have to verify again.

Caution... no, wait. That's wrong. I mean WARNING: The definition of Adult-Oriented is good, but the in-world criteria is a bit draconian to me. Just having naughty pose-balls in a secret back-room means AO!!! (Adult-Oriented)

Yes, get used to AO meaning "Adult-Oriented" rather than "Animation Overrider" I suppose. At least, that's how LL is handled it in the FAQs.
The big question for me that isn't answered in the FAQs is: how will land on the AO (Adult-Oriented continent) be sold by Linden Lab? I see one hell of a land-rush in the making. It's going to be brutal.
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