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3528705155_37713ba940_m.jpg/me wonders just how common in the good ol' virtual world of Second Life this is...

I created a Second Life account online. After being in it three months, I met a male avatar (who knows what is on the other end?) and I have started a very kinky sex relationship with this person.

My husband found out I have an account. He doesn't know what I do, but he's not happy! I know this sounds stupid, but I enjoy what is being done to my avatar. I find that if I pleasure myself at the same time my avatar is having kinky sex, I get very satisfied.

[From Miss Lonelyhearts: Miss Lonelyhearts | Winnipeg Sun]

Unfortunately, whether it happens to be sensationalist or deeply-spun alarmist 'news' stories or even simple letters-to-the-editor or, in this case, letters to Dear (insert name here); Second Life always will get a sad-rap.

Yes, there is a lot of good news coming out of Second Life, too. Especially in the areas of education, science, healthcare and so on. Second Life is a stunning platform for art, including many striking, interactive art such as Immersiva, even the United States Military .

Unfortunately, people always are looking for, or pay closer attention to the loudest sensationalism because it's 'more interesting.' Especially if it's controversial. I suppose this is how our opinions on ethics and morality form.

/me stands with stoic expression.

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