PostHeaderIcon Stroker Strokes and Not Much Else What do Barrack Serpentine and Stroker Obama have in common? Practically everything:
  • They both love attention and will make over-the-top alarmist accusations and statements to get it.
  • They both have practically no skills whatsoever, so they shovel shinola.
  • Both will do whatever they can to rile-up their own constituents and slam-down anyone and everyone who disagrees, no matter their religion, national origin, race, color, or sex. Especially if your political affiliation is Republican or your surname is "Linden".
We've all heard of and know about copybot and ripping viewers and all that nonsense. In fact, it's old news now. However, Mr. Stroker Serpentine still jumps up on his estrogen-filled hysterically-emotional soap-box to shout rhetoric and diatribe to his faithful worshipers.

Over at SL-Universe (which is really just a drama-filled gathering place for the mostly loud-mouthed unreasonably hysterical,) Mr. Serpentine has gone for too long without any attention so he turns on the purple-blooded-bleeding-heart violin fodder:
My day just went to shit. If you are a Content Creator and faint of heart, I suggest you read no further.
First of all, are we supposed to care?
As for reading further, are you serious? You should really write for the National Enquirer. No, wait, better yet: the Alphaville Herald. Seriously, dude, you need to GTFU (Grow The Eff Up) and take charge of your own destiny rather than whine about crap you have no control over - oh but wait, you do have control over it all but you choose not to take that control. I'll get into that a bit later.

Mr. Dramatic goes on to say:
This afternoon I was IM'd by a friend who alerted me to receiving a full perm copy of one of my SexGen Beds. A model that is only 3 months old. I immediately teleported to the site and found that indeed inside a "Gold Nugget" hunt object was one of my beds FULL perm.
Wait, a "model" only three months old? Are you referring to the prim-work? Because the only thing worth a single Linden Dollar I have personally seen come from your company was the scripting and animations - and even those have fallen way behind the competition over the last couple years. In my own personal opinion, your prim-work looks like it was all created by two-week-old n00bs.

To be fair: I am referring to what I have personally seen, which was two years ago, and it was such overpriced junk I never returned since. I am of the opinion SexGen anything is way over-rated and the actual quality-to-price ratio is a bit out of whack. But that's my own opinion.

Anyway, my own deductive reasoning suggests what Stroker-who-strokes-flames is referring to is very likely the same bootleg box contents that was thrown around the grid and earned about 50 account bans from the grid. In other words: it really is old news. Get out much at all, Mr. Serpentine?
I looked up the profile of the owner and he was PIOF and 6 weeks new. He even had his RL pic in his profile. I assumed he was unaware of what he had done. I contacted him and he was very apologetic. He told me he had received a "package" at BURNING MAN that was named "LOADS OF SHITS".
So far all hearsay and we won't get into how first life pictures may or may not be. However, this all seems pretty legitimate. Okay, so submit an Abuse Report and let Linden Lab check their logs. I suspect your estrogen-infused and unstable thought-process has you all seeing pink... er, I mean red. So you feel the uncontrollable urge to begin your witch-hunt.

Ironic that Halloween is just around the corner, so why not?
He sent me a copy of it and I immediately AR'd the creator. I had also AR'd the original nugget owner before IM'ing him. I do not believe he was complicit.This box and all of the boxes inside of boxes are copyable.
That was bright. A.R. yourself? Or do you mean the creator of the box?
The object was *CREATED* by Damen Hax.
Perhaps I should go to your point of sale in-world and grab whatever I can - you know, informational notecards, any kind of box (freebie or whatever) and so on. Then, put some of my stuff in it and pass a copy to an alt or a friend... then have it passed it around the grid. And when I "discover" my stuff has been stolen (ZOMG!!!) and I get all emotionally unstable and vitriolic, I'll pull the creator from that box (Oh, gee! It's Stroker Serpentine: the thief!) and Abuse Report him immediately, and... and... and file a ticket! And... and... and... you know, file a lawsuit! And then I'll go to SLU forums and spew bullshit so I can start a witch-hunt against that box creator!

Remember the hassles Gwyneth Lewellyn had to deal with because someone used (re-purposed) a notecard she created? Get a clue, knuckle-head. You know very well the only way to find-out who did what is through Linden Lab log files. Yes, you keep-on stroking the flames, Stroker. All you are doing is showing your amateur, adolescently emotional thought-process. You're supposed to be this "big player" in Second Life, right?

Then instead of suing Linden Lab and flaming the fire by riling-up the throngs with pitchforks and torches, how about you actually invest some of this 'big money' you're making into a system that actually protects your crap. Er, I mean your 'quality' items that you broke sweat over in the creation of.

The concept is damned simple and is actually done already in SL for XPose scripts and other higher-quality things:

Someone actually purchases your junk.. I mean high-quality product. That avatar name and UUID is logged into a database. The scripts inside simply check the database for "authenticity" when rezzed and perhaps once every week. If not "authenticated" then the scripts go dormant, defunct, delete themselves, whatever. As for gifting: simple, there are tracker scripts available (I use them myself) that will report a transfer along with the name and UUID of the previous owner and new owner. There is even a script that will protect the contents of no-copy prims by deleting all those contents as soon as the first attempt is made to copy the first item out of said prim into inventory.

GTFU. Get a clue. Stop relying on Linden Lab to secure your own junk - a job you should be doing for yourself. Put your tons of funny-money cash where your vitriolic loud-mouth is, Stroker, and actually try to be proactive instead of reactive like a whiny, crybaby three-year-old who can't have his cookie and eat it, too.

As for sales slumps: There is the 'down' economy, meaning people are a bit more discriminating in their purchases and your stuff certainly isn't the best that can be had for the price. It comes down to simple competition. Back 'in the day' you were one of the very few. Sales were good as there wasn't really anyone else selling what you sell. Now that there is competition, you are having difficulty holding your own because there is a lot of better, less-expensive stuff out there. So how about you take the idea I just gave you, and market it. Subscription-based security for any serious creator. You'd make a killing and people would actually consider you smart and innovative again, instead of the whiny, crybaby you've turned into.

Of course, that would only work if those who subscribe to the idea were utterly stupid enough to take me up on my offer.

I know there will be many who will shout-out "but this hasn't happened to you, dimwit!" Actually it has. There are bootlegged, full-perm copies of some of my best products. Does it hurt? Absolutely. Have I filed tickets and abuse reports and all that stuff? Yeppers.

But rather than try to start a stupid trolling firestorm, I've taken that experience and adapted how I do things to help beef-up the security in my products, double-check everything before packaging and test, test, test. Even all that only goes so far.

The difference is I don't take anything Second Life so seriously as to be ulcer-inducing. I'm not that stupid.

Strokers violin-fodder is here: The Thieves Motherload - SLUniverse Forums
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