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Sure, big to-do when Rezzable announced they were leaving the Second Life grid for their own private corner of paradise. Hip-hoorah and big whoop. I posted my thoughts on the subject and also posted to the Rezzable blog about it my thought's on the subject.

In those comments are wondered if it were a good "riddance" or not. Certainly the loss of such art is not a good riddance (and Bryn Oh is headed over there as well - I don't know if she plans to keep one foot in Agni or not - but if not - well, good luck with that, sweetheart.)

So one comment on the rezzable blog.

That's it. My only contact whatsoever with rezzable.



And now, those bastards are spamming me out of nowhere. At least with Linden Lab I actively turned-on the spamming button in my account settings page. But with Rezzable all I have done was to make a comment on one single post at their blog.

So who are they to think they have any right to sign me up to email spam simply because I made a comment on his blog? (all blogs of note do require an email address for verification purposes to help fight spam.)

Yo: Rezzable and whom-ever the hell is in charge over there: In Washington State, where I live, it is illegal to send me marketing email without my explicit consent and on a Federal Offense on the national level, I happen to be in a mood for litigation. (I learned that from bone-head Stroker Serpentine, "Queen Dramatic" of Second Life.) So, Mr. RightAsRain Rimrod or whatever, remove me from your stupid marketing list because not only have you not and neither will you ever make any money from me, but quite the opposite. Rather than supporting you, I shall now proclaim from the mountain tops to throngs at-large who will listen to stay away from any and all things "Rezzable" - because Rezzable will stoop to such low form as you hijack email addresses for spamming purposes.

Now remove me from all your spam garbage machines now! Do not force me to go in and change "preferences" - you "auto-subscribed" me so now "auto-unsubscribe" me. Else you'll be receiving a legal cease and desist letter along with a bill for surcharges of $150.00 U.S. legal tender per email for "management and maintenance effort along with handling fees." (The cost to you for me to hit the delete button.)

The Rezzable juggernaut that-was-but-isn't-now is resorting to spam email because they are getting ten-times less traffic now than they ever did when on the SL Agni grid. And on top of it, they are using another name in all; either a subsidiary or parent company - it doesn't matter. I am receiving garbage because of a one-time post to Rezzable's blog. The first time I figured "meh". But the second time within 10-days? Uh-uh.

There is a definite reason why I only use "plain text" email:


If you can't read this email, please go to

{Yeah, I changed the URL - why should they be rewarded if you choose to go look?}

Visit Heritage Key to unlock the marvels of the ancient world, as your
next great adventure starts online. Join the action and try-out our
incredible 3D-online virtual experience. Your journey discovering
[] the treasures of King Tut
Virtual is just a few clicks away.

{Yeah, ummm, well I can actually do that *now*. it's called Second Life and believe it or not, rezzable was not and is not the end-all, beat-all of virtual art. And on the SL Grid: it was only *one* click away.}


{So we can add you to our spam-machine and hijack your email address also, wait until you see all the people we sold it to because it's the only way we apparently can make any money!}

'Artefacts Abroad' - The Survey Results

Heritage Key users responded to our online survey seeking opinions on the difficult topic of artefacts repatriation from museums back to their home countries. Are Museum's losses humanity's gain?


- [] The 'Discuss' page on
Controversy Present and Absent: Dimitrios Pandermalis, Director of the New Acropolis Museum
The Egyptian People have the Right to See the Real Rosetta Stone

[] King Tut Virtual - Astonishing Artefacts

King Tut Virtual is the greatest discovery you can make online. Zoom-in
and get up-close -and-personal to some of the most amazing artefacts ever found. Wander the banks of Nile and enjoy a feeling of life in ancient times. The details and realism of King Tut's treasures will astound you.

{Huh. I always thought Discovery Channel web site had the "greatest discoveries" I can make online. I wonder how they feel about your claim?}
Where can you find King Tut objects that are not on display in Toronto?

- [] Why go Virtual? It's fun, high-quality, educational, innovative and free!
[ -we-can-claim-real-interest-even-though-we-screwed-up-leaving-SL]
A Reason for Rezzing: How and Why We Build King Tut Virtual


Upcoming lecture:

Dr. Zahi Hawass in London

Have you always wanted to meet Dr. Hawass in person? Now is your chance!
The famous Egyptologist visits London in December and Heritage World Press invites you to a special lecture - and maybe dinner. Dr. Hawass will also introduce his two new books: 'Inside the Egyptian Museum' and 'A Secret Voyage.'

{ZOMG!!!!11ONE1 Why yes! I *have* always wanted to meet... meet... wait, who is that again?}



Preserving King Tut's Guts {to make SPAM!}

The Canopic Shrine was the ornate container in which Tutankhamun's viscera - his internal organs - were sealed during mummification. Egyptologist Dr Janice Kamrin tells us all about it in the first part of Heritage Key's new video series, 'Tut's Treasures'.

{Wait a minute... Yo, Rezzable, Dudes... are you actually tying to proclaim you have any shine whatsoever in comparison to National Geographic, Nova, Dicsovery Channel and the likes of those? Buahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!}

{Oh, I am *so* sorry! I meant ....buahahahahahahahahahah!!!!}


Sandro Vannini's Photos: The Tomb of Montuemhat (TT34) at Thebes

The excavations at TT34 were photographed by Sandro as the archaeological team set about documenting finds and detailing the tomb walls. The search for the sarcophagus of Montuemhat continues, as Dr Gomaa's team progress deeper into the tomb. Watch the Slideshow of Sandro documenting the search!
Watch the slideshow.

Satellite Image: The Roman Ruins of Leptis Magna

Leptis Magna is a hidden treasure that has
[] only just opened up to the world, having recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Several new discoveries have been made here in the past decade, and it's one of the most [] important Roman sites in the [] North African region. A personal favourite of the
[] writer Ethel Davies, it boasts
several key structures that were crucial to Roman society.
Have a look from above.

[] Looking for a good Christmas gift?
Our latest reviews of Books & DVDs:

{Wait - you mean that my "looking for Christmas gifts" means I have to BUY them? What kind of a gift is that?}


The Usborne Official Roman Soldier's Handbook

[] The Penguin
Book of Classical Myths


The Incas: History and Treasures of an Ancient Civilization

[] Warrior of
Rome II: King of Kings {who loved email spam}


{okay... hell, even I'm getting tired of reading all this crap, much less intentionally breaking the links. Rezzable: you fail.}


Terra Cotta Warriors at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC

'Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China's First Emperor', opened to the
public on 19th November, 2009, at the National Geographic Museum in
Washington, DC. The museum is the final venue for the exhibition's
four-city U.S. tour. Graecyn visited the preview event and returned with a
ton of amazing images.


- [] The latest news and
in-depth articles on the Terracotta Army on our dedicated overview

Top Sites at the First Qin Emperor's Tomb Complex

Hidden Xi'am: Must-see Sites off the Tourist Trail


We want to see your best high resolution photos taken in King Tut Virtual,
and will reward the most sublime shots with non-virtual cash. We are
offering 100$ for the most fabulous high resolution shots taken in King Tut

Is Venice turning into a Museum City?
Lord Norwich: "Tourism in Venice is reaching Meltdown"

Spotting Synagogues amongst the Minarets:
A Grand Tour of Jewish Heritage in Istanbul.

Virtual Roman Leicester: A Digital Recreation of 'Ratae Corieltauvorum' at
210 AD



Share your opinion...

{Oh hell, you idiots better be careful what you wish for, 'cause here I come!}




Hidden Treasures from Afghanistan in Ottawa

[]Iraq's Ancient Past at the Penn

King Tut in Toronto
Framing the Archaeologist: Portraits and Excavation at the Petrie Museum
'World of the Pharaohs' in Arkansas
Terra Cotta Warriors, Washington DCYour event listed? Let us know what,
how, who and where via email ( or on Twitter

{Okay - all of you reading this: SPAM this email address!}


- The latest news? [] Free email
subscriptions to make sure you don't miss out!
([] We do RSS too.)
- [] Heritage Key on the 'social
web'? YouBet!
[] Become a
fan on Facebook, tweet us using []Twitter,
browse [] our Flickr Groups
and [] follow us on YouTube.


- [] Are
You a Heritage Expert? Claim Your Profile! - We'll cherish, promote,
publish, interview and maybe even pay you.
- Interested in blogging at or writing for HK?
[] Choose 'Blogs & Bloggers'!
- We are still looking for correspondents in Paris, Athens, San Francisco,
Berlin, Israel and Japan.

Latest News

{Wait... you mean this dump-truck of garbage above wasn't the "news" you wanted to share???}

Google to digitise Iraq's National Museum Archives

Hadrian's Wall to get Spectacular Light Show

Taking photos in the Valley of the Kings is allowed


Heritage Key

Drilling under the Sphinx

The Hunt for the Lost Pharaoh Userkare

HK Selected Book

[] The
Lost Tombs
of Thebes:
Life in Paradise


by Zahi Hawass and
Sandro Vannini

Keep an Eye Out for...

Ruthless Romans


Horrible Histories on your Nintendo and Wii

Meet the Expert


Bob “Mr Mummy” Brier - an American Egyptologist and the world’s
leading authority on mummies - has investigated some of the most famous
embalmed corpses in history.

In 1994, he carried out the first mummification in 2,000 years achieved
exclusively by use of Egyptian tools and techniques.


Who makes HK?

Visit us at


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VIDEO: How did King Tut Die? Cause of death established

[] Pyramids around the

[] Sex Cult of Venus

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Holy shinola, Batman: the riddance was good, if only they'd actually allow us to be rid of them. Yo, Rezzable and "Heritage Key": go away and die already.
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