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Facelight-8Prad, Prad, Prad.

You have to know we love you for your amazing lists. Not because they are so funny on the face of each line item. But because in an attempt at satire, you capture truth which is satire of satire and that's there the funny of the most high resides.

Thank you again for helping us all to laugh at ourselves, no matter how painful the truth really is.
Metaversally Speaking: "5. If at first you don’t succeed, blame lag.

6. To err is human. To blame Linden Lab for your errors is not only human, it’s freakin’ natural.

7. The assets server will lose objects in your inventory in direct proportion to its value.

8. If you think nothing can go wrong, you’re a noob.

9. He who laughs last, probably didn’t realise he just got logged out of SL."

For those of you who don't regularly follow Metaversally Speak, Prad Prathivi is a very good blogger (far better than I am, that's for certain,) and usually has a good article up everyday that is well written and often thought-provoking. And, as you see, a very good sense of humor, too.

via Metaversally Speaking
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