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Yumminess  >:)Go, go Canada!

I've always loved those television shows that highlight advertising on an international scale. It seems the United States is so prudish it's actually boring.

It's especially true with regard to media. For example a "shock-jock" like Howard Stern is only a "shock-jock" in the united states. In the rest of the world he's more likely a lot closer to status quo.

Not necessarily as the 'norm', but rather in terms of what might be commonly allowed.

As is typical, Second Life sensationalism just will not die. The BBC ran an interesting documentary about two different real life couples and their Second Life relationships. it was a good, well-balanced documentary that equally highlighted the good along with the bad.

So now along comes a documentary out of OH CANADA!

But this one focuses on old news.
Cheating Second Life Husband: The Movie: "The Canadian Broadcasting Company documentary on cheating spouses in Second Life has aired, featuring a look at the women in the life of Dutch, the Second Life cheating husband we've come to love."

Though it's typical trash. I do appreciate the liberal restraint (read: lack-of) they have with regard to such imagery and language on their public airways.

Well, next to Second Life of course. Where else can people run around in their sexiest, most provocative skimpiest lingerie leaving nothing to the imagination regarding titillating body parts on a shopping hunt in public?

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