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Million LindensToday is the day ticketing opens in order to request your shiny new parcel on the Zindra "Adult-Rated" continent. It will be a mad land-rush to be sure and no doubt tickets will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

However, the majority of the grid is completely oblivious to this compelled moved from all places mainland of the freshly defined "adult-rated content'. I won't go into massive detail on all this stuff and you, dear reader, are among the highly-informed and already are clearly versed in the situation and like me, are preparing for the vitriolic mad mob-rush as land is flipped like crazy; known and established mainland of the "Mature" (and perhaps even some "PG") variety will quickly turn into wasteland and the green pastures of Zindra quickly become polluted with laggy prims as far as the eye (graphic draw distance settings) can see.

6) When will the tickets be available? The ticketing process will open on Monday, the 29th at 10am PST. They will remain open for 3 weeks, closing July 20th at 10am.

7) When will I hear back from Linden about my ticket to move? We ask that Residents be patient as we are expecting a flood of requests. Submitting a ticket to ask when the first ticket will be addressed will only prolong the process as it increases the support load.

[From Zindra: An Update - Land and Sea - Second Life Blogs]

There was a time in Second Life when land-shopping was a pleasurable process. Especially with new sims recently brung online. However, after being in SL for more than a few months, one learns quickly that fresh, shiny new Linden sims is not where you want to buy.

Second Life Vewer logo #There are no covenants, and except for the established "cities" of Zindra no restrictions whatsoever. meaning your neighbor can do anything they choose, no matter how horrific it looks or how much it lags all agents within the sim.

This is why land-shopping established regions is better: you know what's there. See a club? Move-on. See a bot-farm or camp-herd? Move-on. You get the idea.

I'm not a virtual real-estate entrepreneur (a.k.a. "land-flipper") so I won't be doing what I suggest. However, if you are, or you're game enough, here's how you take advantage of the entire situation:

  • Hit the search box for anything and everything that might appear as "adult" on the mainlands - visit the place and contact the parcel owner.

  • Pass them a prepared notecard about the new policy and the compelled (by Linden lab) move to Zindra and include links to the Wiki articles and blog entries to educate them.

  • Tell them that they have a choice: keep this parcel, abandon this parcel or try to sell this parcel.

  • Then offer to by the parcel from them for L$2-per-square-meter from them. Promise them you will not touch a thing - allowing them time to move.

  • Once the parcel is cleared out, flip it at L$3 or L$4 per square meter, make profit.

Little Shop Of Horrors Meets Alice?Of course there is a large risk in this. The first being that everyone is trying to emigrate from the mainland, not to it. This means you could be sitting on land tier for a bit of time.

Unfortunately, there will be those who do what I suggest and will be rather unscrupulous by selling to those inexperience or uninformed people who really need Zindra land - but buy mature.

However, if you're looking to get into the land business and willing to take the risks required for a quick profit, opportunity starts knocking at 10 a.m. on June 29th, 2009.

Art: Ari Blackthorne; Ez Beam; CallieDel Boa
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