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"Virtual Sex: Cheating or Not?".

uhhh, forget that question, let us just write something else entirely and make you forget the real reason you're even reading this story to begin with.

Might as well be:
Meteor to strike earth in 10-seconds, all life obliterated!
Tune-in for details at 11.

What is up with the so-called media these days? Okay, all the days since the mid 1980's onward? No such thing as objective reporting anymore (look how goo-goo-gah-gah and in the tank they all are for the Anointed One: Obama.Look at how sensationalist they always tend to be over simple-simon BS.

We always hear about how Second Life is a giant sexpit with nothing to do but run around acting out all our deviant fantasies. If it's not all the naughty behavior that SL is a hive for, then it's all the 'edumacationalistic wonders of the virtuamal new world".

It is true what Landsend Korobase says about the reaction and effect of reporting the sordid, seedy underbelly of Second Life:
In fact the same media articles and documentaries that Second Life residents attack as unfairly making it appear as a sex haven, is often what draws in the new members. To push my point further though, the few people I have met in-world who expressly joined for educational or research purposes, stayed around to specifically engage in the relationship and sex side.
[via Land's Intersection]

It's not even really so much about that. It's the ridiculous double-standard they all seem to have. For instance in their political reporting, the Democrats always seem to get a pass over hugely controversial subjects for which the Republicans get lambasted over half as much (no, I am not a Republican, but rather an observant realist.)

It's so bad that what appears to be the most objective news organization FOX News is ridiculed as being radically and extremely right.

/me rolls eyes.

But now, they are throwing out headlines to grab your attention, get you to actually read the story, and then it turns out the headline was a big, fat red herring to only lure you in.


As for the headline above: "Virtual Sex: Cheating or Not?" - all you get for your time and effort to read it is a series of unscientific questions and this being one of the answers:
For those of you who answered yes to nine or 10 of these questions, let's get real. You didn't even need to take this quiz, because you know your sex life online is not only important to you, but just as real as your sex life offline. Don't even try to tell me that it's not cheating when you do it with that dolphin, unless you and your spouse have a special open arrangement. In fact, if you don't have an open arrangement, it's time to have an honest talk with your real world sweetie about your online shenanigans.

[From Virtual Sex: Cheating or Not? - Virtual Worlds]

Did it actually answer the question?

Some would say yes. I say no. If the answer is subjective and relative, then the question should be, too. The headline (to me) leads one to believe an interview with some psychobabble specialist with a 40-foot "I love me" wall (full of certificates of accomplishment) was consulted.

But you, dear reader and consumer of "the media" are stupid and gullible.

And news organizations are wondering why they are losing traction and readers (and credibility) faster than a lead ball sinks?

You the fool.

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