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Alphaville Herald posts a question about how "child-themed" avatars in second Life can cause some hyperbolic discomfort among witnesses to them, especially if witnessed in a mature setting - such as club or worse: sex-themed location.

Many residents will claim 'child avatars creep me out'. And I can understand that. They don't bother me, per se, but if I witness one in what would be a highly inappropriate place in first life, even though it's Second Life - I don't care if the typist is a verified adult. I will join the "that's creepy" camp.

However, the Zindra continent is now opened and it's a ghost town. Not in terms of people visiting the place, but in terms of anything being there at all. Just a bunch of empty, plain sims as far as your draw-distance will allow, except for the empty buildings in the city areas.

So a well known resident, Marianne McCann, who has become friendly with many Lindens over the years is invited to preview the new Zindra continent along with every other resident with an account even a day-old.

Marianne McCann has been a "child" avatar since I've known her back in 2006.

Even though Zindra is nothing but a mass of empty sims, it's purpose has been well-publicized. Thus, there is a mindset attached to it. That mindset more or less equals "Uber-brothel for the purpose of your most deviant desires". Even though it's not really that.

While previewing the place along with a few Lindens, another resident plopped on a primdick shape and all were in the same vicinity. Of course, there are witnesses whom will overreact. So the Herald pontificates:
"The question that has arisen is even though Marianne's typist has publicly stated that they are of a mature age and she age verified, should she have been on Zindra at all and if someone does something potentially adult around her, should she be the one to leave?

"Some residents are saying that because as a resident she was invited there, really she should either not have gone at all or have gone as a different avatar.   This raises an avatar identity issue. I've seen it on Gorean sims when people complain about having to change from a furry, robot, or vampire avatar to a human one. People claim persecution."

[From Alphaville Herald : Op/Ed: But What About The Children?]

My first answer, especially to the whole "Gorean" rules (among many many other sims that force similar rules) is that there is this thing called the right to the freedom of association. That is to say that you may come into my house only if I allow you to come into my house and I set the rules. If you don't like it, leave.

Marianne has been in SL a long time. I know her but don't expect her to remember me. However, as she has witnessed the whole ageplay fiasco of 2006/2007 and even been on the receiving end of many vitriolic scenarios - unfairly - she's smarter than than all this.

It's not "illegal" to go to Zindra in a child-themed avatar. But with the history of how people go all hysterical over child-themed avatars in general, perhaps it would have been better to change at least temporarily into a more appropriate shape. Visiting the Zindra continent doesn't - I believe - really fall into the category of role playing, so there is no reason to keep pushing the 'child' paradigm. Not because rules require it (they don't), but at least out of courtesy for others or to avoid the overreaction one knows will come of it.

Zindra has a specific purpose in mind.

Even though Zindra is just another continent like all the others and just happens to be the only place where "adult-rated" content is allowed, people view it differently. It was specifically built for all the naughty in SL to be housed. It is the 'deviant-uber-brothel continent". It is the "destination" for anything that should be kept on the south-side of the tracks (as described in Abelene, Kansas, circa 1800's - where the deviant activity and brothels were located.)

Ursula_002In other words, in many people's minds, Zindra is specifically designed and intended as an adult-rated location, where by Linden Lab's own definition "adult-rated" is in the extreme in terms of violence and carnal activity. Specifically one giant "red light district".

And with "child" avatars being "creepy" to a lot of people, anyone who chooses to wear them should take into consideration that if they are going to a place that most people view as "sex-central" they should at the very least change into a more appropriate avatar - even if it's the old-school Ruth.

That or deal with the consequences of the overreaction and the hyperbolic shrill complaints that will follow. No matter what your first life age and status is. Because even though Zindra is empty and just another mainland continent like any other...

Most people view it the opposite: as being built explicitly and the only destination for the uber-deviant naughty and the whole place is primarily one giant sex-pile. Kiddies stay home.

As for myself: I don't really care if I see "children" anywhere at Zindra. However, if I see one in a disco sex club - no matter where on the grid it is, my skin will still crawl uncomfortably - as I suspect it would for any reasonably-thinking person.

Remember: the environment of Second Life and any other three-dimensional depiction of the world, real or fantastical has such an immersive effect as this, whether you practice immersions' or not.
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