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To all both of my followers and all three of my readers... apologies for the hiatus.

First Life company makes a move not only from one office to the other, but from one city to another. The good news is that my morning and evening commutes are considerably less stressful (from an average 30-minutes on a good day down to 11 minutes every day.)

Unfortunately the move itself was and still is a real pain in the ass. And back. And legs, and feet and arms and... well, if you've ever moved house, you know what I'm speaking of. Now multiply that a hundred times to get the impression of moving a business.

Any way, I expect to be back by this weekend, and to continue my regularly scheduled rhetoric at Common Sensible and my riff-raff-rantings on Blackthorne inSL.

I figure if you haven't left me over my nonsense already, and haven't left me over my absence by now, you need some real forensic psychiatric help. But I, at least, should explain that my absence is only temporary.

/me thinks he'll take the long weekend opportunity to chill out and just eat a lot of WATERMELON. (Nod to our awesomely wild what-ever-he's-havin'-I_wants-some cheerful friend.)

And @Hamlet: What wee spoke-of, I'm on it hard this weekend.  :)
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