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Garth lightens platform burdensOh yes! Garth rocks again. Another even funnier post than usual. The first and second pictures alone tell such a funny story, you simply have to read his commentary!

I have pointed you to his blog twice before and I have this dire, urgent need to do it again. Garth strikes again with his witty humor and simple, classy style on his blog SLWTF. I'm still angry at the fact that he copied my idea for a blog name and concept before I came up with it myself. But hey, gotta love the guy and I am flattered that he was so impressed with my idea, he actually implemented it before I even thought of it.

SLWTF is a great little blog. it's simple. Concise and to the point.

The premise is simple, Garth simsurfs all over Second Life and reports the fascinating, unusual and all-around cool or otherwise 'WTF?'  things he runs into. Always short, easy reads and good pictures to go along with each article. Garth's writing is simple and very upbeat in a great tongue-in-cheek sort of way.

So, pop over there and subscribe now. I personally liken it to the Dilbert cartoon style, but the subject is Second Life in general, not office antics.
Garth sez:
"So yesterday I found this platform in the sky full of bots. What made it different was that these bots weren’t stuck behind walls, nor were they sitting on poseballs. That, shall we say, was their downfall."
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