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So we have had to learn some new terminology ever since coming into Second Life. I have no doubt you know of what I speak:

  • Linden Dollars (L$)

  • Newbie

  • N00b

  • Rezz (Rezzing; Rez-date)

  • Prim

  • Flexi

  • Sculptie

  • Parcel

  • Terraforming

  • Banning

  • Prefab

  • Estate

  • Region

  • Sim

  • Grid

Yes, some of these are words you already knew. But in the same context? Or have the definitions changed? For those who've been in SL for a time, we remember the "Beta Grid" and "Beta Viewer".

Then they changed our newly-invented language around on us, not in any particular order": Beta Viewer became the "First Look" Viewer, Didn't Beta Grid become "Preview" Grid? Oh, and speaking of "Grid", Linden Lab stole that one from the residents who have coined it up and used it extensively an exclusively to describe the Second Life underlying technology almost since Second Life's public inception.

Now Linden Lab has commandeered that term and proclaim a bullshit trademark on it. Well, I won't rehash my response to Linden Lab about their trademark full-of-shit claims on a couple of them, but they are again changing our beloved new language.

If you recall, several months ago a test teleport between the main grid (there's that word again) and the open source "open sim" grid. Though nothing transferred in the teleport such as textures, inventory, even body shapes, it was a successful and ground-breaking event.

Why ground-breaking? Simple, All other grid servers are hack-jobs. Reverse engineered successes that Linden Lab never publicly endorsed... until now.

So, now that they have a protocol and method to allow you to bounce from one grid (3D network) to another grid, they want to test the hell out of it. The best way to do that is to get as many gullible guinea-pigs as they can.

So, what do you do when you need gullible guinea-pigs? Announce it on the public Second Life blog! Now, Whump Linden's blog entry clearly specifies, or at least makes it seriously feel like this beta testing is intended for developers.

Then why post it on the public Second Life blog, instead of the developers channel and lists? Because there are many bold, adventuring residents who what to play. And play they will.

So, as the time nears and we have a threedee interwebs, bouncing from one grid to the next will now officially be known, as sanctioned and endorsed my the almighty Linden Lab hence forth as "intergrid teleporting."

So, stop all the presses. The english language dictionaries must now be updated {again - rolls eyes} to incorporate this new phrase. If you are feeling bold and want to play science-fictionie - take a read at the SL blog for the full scoop.

And, in case it's not clear and you are a new reader: this article is only to have a little fun with the news and should be taken with a grain of salt, as all my articles should.
Whumper sez:
"This beta is intended for virtual world developers. The purpose is to establish a base level of interoperability — no inventory, textures, or attachments will transfer upon intergrid teleport. You will appear on the target grid’s simulator as that grid’s default avatar (Ruth)." 


And a "gridnaut" (that is 'grid' as opposed to 'astro', people) is some one who actually makes the journey from one grid to another.

Okay, "intergrid" I can wrap my head around. Even embrace it. But what the fuck is gridnaut? It sounds like an alternate description of an ejaculation or something. I mean... damned. Am I wrong here?
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