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Jack posted a late-nighter about bots:
Much Ado About Bots - Land and Sea - Second Life Blogs:
"Now some uses of Bots have a positive effect on the experience inworld and some have a negative impact. They can be used to provide fun interactions such as a robot bartender or an NPC in a roleplay situation. They can also perform useful actions like land management. As with the scripting language which can be used for bad as well as good, Bots are not the problem but rather the way they are sometimes used"

I concur.

I use a bot myself. One, single, solitary bot to automatically manage my merchant group (auto-invite and eject based on when a merchant leases space in my market.)

However, when I go sim-hopping, I've discovered that the map is useful: if there are a lot of green dots - don't bother. They're camping bots. In fact, I am of the absolutely solid impression that one of every 8 or 9 dots on the entire grid map is really a human.

The rest...

Well, you get the idea.
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