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Snapshot_019My mind is always cranking hard. Ideas, thoughts, musings, ideas, to-dos, reasoning things, analyzing things... just a flood of a mish-mash of things. I enjoy learning new things all the time. my mind never stops trying to figure how thing works. What makes things happen the way they do? Why do people say or believe the things they say or believe and so on.

Once of those thoughts kind of stuck with me and that's the whole "Real Life" reference we see thrown about so often. The term, and why it's used so often has been pinging around in my head for months. Like so many who blog, I decided to write my thoughts about it and maybe make a little sense of it. At least from my perspective.

Everywhere you go, the term 'Real Life"; truncated to "RL" is thrown around at every single reference to our "First Lives". It's as though there is "Real Life" and then there is ... what... a cartoon? A video game? If that's the case, why refer to First Life as "Real Life" in the first place? (no pun intended.) Wouldn't it just be "Life" versus "Video Game"? But heated arguments have evolved out of the whole 'SL is a game" (or not) business.

Snapshot_025.pngIs your Second Life any less "real" than your First Life? If it is, then I suppose "Real Life" is a good reference for the physical world and everything you think of, do and feel in Second Life is false.

However, based on that other word thrown around so often in SL, "Drama", which suggests Second Life is "Real Life", then why use the term "RL" to separate the two?

Well, I wrote a lot more than that. But did it over at my 'personal' blog. No, I don't consider Common Sensible to be my 'personal' blog. I don't know why. I think it's because I'm actually hoping to invite other writers to contribute.

But, like I said, my mind is always blazing at a million miles an hour, a huge "things to do" list in the back of my head and the list grows faster than I can accomplish the items on it. Inviting others to write here is one of those items.

I'll get to it one of these days.
In the mean time, if you'd like to give it a go, email me at pixietale [at] I'll let you have a go if you like and no, you don't have to write something every day and it certainly doesn't need to be the long-winded rhetoric like I write about.

So, I'm curious what you think of my ranting about whether "real life" is really real life or not. Well, that's not the real question, but you get the idea. Take a peek over there and shout me down in comments if you are so inclined.
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