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Monopoly GameIn one of the surprisingly rare instances that the Alphaville a.k.a Second Life Herald actually makes some sense, it is clearly explained how the uber-succssessful bazillionaires making money hand-over-fist at Second Life - but not actually be "making: any money at all.

We've all heard of Anshe Chung and the rest. Yes, they make good money dinking within the virtual landscape, but certainly their profits - even if you consider them at 100% in terms of material things hardly comes close to a million dollars. Hell, $100,000 would be hard to swallow as "fact" if you ssk me.

I was going to write a follow-on to my post about "how is business" where I intended to explain the exact same thing explained over at the Herald:
Alphaville Herald : Will the Confusion Never End?:
"We can illustrate in the following way.  Some land owners are known to hold as many as 700 sims.  Suppose they bought them back in the day and the tier is grandfathered in at $190/month.

"Let's make that $200/month to make the math easy.  700 simulators X 12 months X $200 = $1,680,000/year that they have to pay the Lindens just for tier.    If they are cashing out to pay them in US dollars, then they are cashing out just enough to pay tier.  This has nothing to do with earnings.  For all we know the business in question is losing money"

The fact of the matter is, I "cash-out" almost $750 a month. Does that make me a high-roller as SL residents go?


This is why you shouldn't take all news shoveled at you at face value. because it is far too easily to manipulate people. And when the people, especially masses at large are manipulated, we end up with a president who will literally bankrupt the country.

Oops, other subject, but same premise.

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