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Is Sl finally going to stabalize in the public eye? Perhaps. it is, after all, the advertisers and marketers that get the news out. SL was the darling of the world at the edn of 2006 through mid '07. Then a huge backlash whipped through. But now, are the media waters finally starting to calm down and the storm blow-over?

It looks like it. And as the virtual world marketers finally get their reality check, it seems they will finally start stepping back and evaluating when, what and how to approach virtual world marketing. A great article over at ClickZ:
Virtual World Marketing Gets Reality Check in 2007
"2007, especially early 2007, was the year of Second Life," said Greg Verdino, chief strategy officer for Crayon, a marketing consultancy. "Late '06 through '07 was this interesting virtual world rollercoaster ride, where coming into '07 everybody thought they had to be in Second Life, and they didn't know why."
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