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Unfortunately, there are those who, if they don't like something, would rather have it entirely removed and not available for anyone, even if it's no bother to them for simply not using it or ignoring it. A classic examples of this can easily be found in the archives of the Second Life blog.

When voicing capabilities were announced, introduced and at practically any other time voice was mentioned in the blog, the "voice haters' would come crawling out of the woodwork ranting and making laughable claims, such as how "voice in SL is a failure" and "no one used voice" and "99% of all SL users hate it, remove it!"

Of course anyone can justify anything. One of the genuine justifications of voice had been with regard to the logging of what is said. A wonderful feature of text-chatting in Sl and other messaging systems is the ability to automatically record what is said for an "instant" transcript. However, with voice, there is no transcript.

However, thanks to our wonderful, happy-go-lucky watermelonie friend Torley Linden, it is relatively easy to record voice and sound from within Second Life, and is completely explain in the newest of video tutes as posted on the SL blog.

Though it doesn't easily provide a written transcript, it is a record. Though the rumor mills have others working on the ability to automatically convert spoken voice to text and vice-versa on the fly, we'll just have to deal with what we have now.
Torleys's simple instructions:
"The basic process is: (1) record, (2) edit & encode, and (3) upload."
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