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The SL blogosphere is huge. Massive. There seem to be as many blogs about Second Life as there are places to go inside Second Life.

It is literally so massive, it would take longer than you have to live a life to visit everything as it exists right now. And anyone within SL knows the landscape changes dynamically and constantly. However, we all tend to find those places that wow us. Those gems we enjoy landmarking with the hope to return to for a closer look.

The same is true with Second Life blogs. We find one we like, bookmark it and go back to check on updates ever so often.

I've mentioned SLWTF (by Garth Goode) in the past, and I am mentioning it again now. This one is really one of the gems.

Garth writes simply, cleanly, without much for partisanship or throwing his opinion all over the place. But rather simple, often humorous observations about what he sees through his Second Life travels. I check SLWTF every day to see where he's ended up lately and what witty comments he has about the place.

Well, this time, he posted a poem. [yawn, right?]

I don't usually read poems posted to blogs because they are impersonal and to me, a poem should be intended for someone specific, a deeply personal expression. However, it's Garth, so I had to read it.

After climbing back into my chair with splitting gut, I absolutely had to share this. Warning, if you pop over to SLWTF - you'll likely become quickly addicted.
"Oh marry me and all my alts
And I will marry yours
Be they yiffing male or female furries
Or residents of Gor"
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