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So the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has successfully dropped a second robot on the surface of Mars (called Phoenix) near the polar region and has actually found "white stuff" just under the surface that is suspected to be ice. This is exciting news as ice=water=potential for life.

NASA and space exploration in general are one of those things that are interesting, fascinating, eye-opening... when you're in the mood. Otherwise, most people will say 'wow' - but only for a blip on the time radar then it's out of sight, out of mind, 'yawn'.

One of the powerful cool things about Second Life is the ability to defy reality. You can fly like Peter Pan, have wings (or not), you can 'beam' from place to place just like the television show "Star Trek" and even become en antirely different species (even an inert object if you choose.)

Another fascinating thing about Second Life is the ability to create fantastical places. Many places are complete fantasy an wildly implausible. At the same time, there are those who are painstakingly recreating real life locations. And one of those locations is: outer space.

If you haven't seen the "Discovery Channel" you need to try. It's a wonderful television station all about education and our "world". The web site itself is stunning and bloated with fascinating facts and news about anything science. One of the cool things they've gone and done is to create a list of "10 Spacey Places in Second Life" - with interesting facts and short, easy-to-read articles about different aspects of space, and each tidbit including a SLURL to visit what you've just read about within Second Life.

So, the next time you're in-world looking to escape some drama, tired of scripting, need a break from building, or just plain bored and getting a headache while browsing the convoluted "events" list - check this out. It makes for an interesting, organized and coordinated tour of space... in Second Life.
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