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Need some quick cash in Second Life Linden Dollars (L$)?

Forget the camping chairs and hippie-pay spam web surveys. Here's a legitimate survey you can fill-in and earn some L$ while you're at it. It's really quite simple and you don't have go teleporting all over the grid to find a specific kiosk or clickable prim to get things started.

Do it all in IM.
The panel is open to any avatar that has been in Second Life at least two months. You will receive L$100 from our bot avatar as a thank you for joining the panel. We have also set up a referral program. If you refer another avatar to our panel and they enter in your name when the bot asks for any referrals, you will be paid an additional L$100. You will be paid for every referral, so if you refer just 10 avatars, that’s L$1,000! It only takes about 5 minutes to complete the survey.

For the names of the bots to IM and complete the survery, view the original article here: Earn some Lindens while helping others...

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