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futtbugglyIt's ridiculously laughable, I say. This whole trademark on two letters of the modern Latin alphabet, specifically 'S' and 'L'. First, Linden Research, also known as Linden Lab claims trademark on the letters S and L as "SL" and demand that if these letters are used with any relation to a virtual world or Second Life specifically, it must have a space following and be followed by two generic nouns.

Bite me.

To Linden Lab: SL, SL, SL, SL! Wait, Slart, slart, SLart, SLART.

Oh wait, now I'll be sued by Richard Fink - I mean Mink becau... I mean Minsky... that I am using his trademark of SLART. I say 'fart' on you. And some poor guy is caught in the middle who did nothing more than create an art gallery in SL and... oops!

I mean, ...created an art gallery "within the virtual world of Second Life® also know as the SL™ virtual world whose owners Linden Lab®©™℠ have a real stick-up-their-ass®." [I am claiming trademark on that last bit. —Ari]

There. Enough 'generic nouns' for you, Linden Lab legal department?

Don't get me wrong here. I am completely splitting my gut laughing at all of this. I mean, really!

Come-on people. GTFU! Oh, sorry, that's "Grow The F*ck Up!"

Anyway, it's all completely laughable. Especially when you look at it sideways and see what Victor Keegan's perspective is on it. and for the record, I agree:
How an avatar on Second Life sparked a real-life court case: "Richard Minsky, an artist and publisher who also operates in Second Life, is suing Vezina, along with two directors of Linden Lab, owner of the virtual world, over use of the word 'SLART'.

Minsky obtained a US trademark in March 2008; Vezina had launched an art gallery called 'SLart' in Second Life early in 2007. Curiously the case may turn on something as simple as a space between the letters SL and art: literally much ado about nothing."

Linden Lab, Richard Minsky, and all the rest of you getting your panties in a bunch of two letters of the Latin alphabet:


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