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Sim-hopping from rhe mapI've mentioned it time and again: it's only a matter of time before the tax man cometh to hunt you down in Second Life or any other virtual world where you can convert your virtual earnings into legal tender.

And since when do the Canadians go about something and the United States doesn't shortly follow (or vice-versa for that matter)? Not so much in policy, but in some matters like taxation ideas.

Congress has already dabbled with Second Life when they had that silly 'virtual worlds' hearing and simulcast it is Second Life. That was them dipping their toes into the water to test temperatures.

The Euros already have tax people in Second Life snooping around, lurking, seeing how things are done. In fact, they already charge Value-Added Tax with regard to Second Life (VAT) - and the astonishing thing is if you are or have a business in Second Life, you can claim it!

So, the Euros are already there. Now the Canadian government is making it clear they intend to be. It's only a matter of time before the U.S. Government follows suit. They're just waiting for the right time, method and 'reason' to do so.

I try very hard to stay away from anything political here, but I do expend a congratulations to President Elect Obama. Unfortunately a large majority of those who voted for him did so for racial reasons, or to vote against McCain. There are actual polling data from Zogby that shows this.

No matter. Even though he ran on "change" but fills his administration with Clinton retreads, I wonder when his "spread the wealth" and "healthcare to everyone" policies will kick-in, and there simply being not enough money to finance these if that will be the catalyst to look for more tax revenues.

Tax revenues they have been itching to get there hands on for a few years. Namely: the Internet. But as controversial as that is, Second Life is a much easier target.

After all, there are people proclaiming to make a living through it.
The Chartered Institute of Taxation Returns to Second Life®: "You might think that what happens to your avatar in Second Life(r), or in any other virtual world, has no relevance to your real-life tax bill. You may be wrong, particularly if you are a UK resident, and especially if you are making money in-world in a systematic way."

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