PostHeaderIcon 'Copyright Czar' Protects *YOU* ~Yawn~

Stolen PantiesIntellectual Property theft got you down? Who you gonna call? Ghost Busters? How about a "Copyright, Czar? yes, just like the highly effective beyond any question 'Drug Czar', there now will be a highly effective beyond question 'Copyright Czar'. Interesting.

So, Congress is apparently more serious about you sharing your music online and you losing microsales of Linden Dollars in $0.0001 increments than they are of the SNAFU economy eff-up.

Meh, hopefully people will take the seriously flawed and horribly designed and constructed Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) more seriously. ~winks~

Senate Passes Bill Creating 'Copyright Czar' | Threat Level from "U.S. lawmakers approved the creation of a cabinet-level position of copyright czar as part of sweeping intellectual property enforcement legislation that sailed through the Senate on Friday.
However, a controversial measure granting the Justice Department the authority to sue copyright infringers on behalf of Hollywood and the music industry was removed after the White House lobbied against assuming those new powers."

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