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Uncle Bill has stepped out of the day-to-day at Microsoft and weirdo Uncle Stevie is in charge. So be it. Microsoft, along with a lot of other companies is riddled with self-important elitists all over the place.

What makes it so laughable is that this buffoon supposedly speaks for Microsoft, even as Microsoft engineers tool protocols specifically for Open Sim, which is based on Second Life and Second Life Grid products from Linden Research, a.k.a. Linden Lab. And they seem pretty deep into the project.

Hence, in IT Exexaminer magazine/blog, this Craig Mundie sounds all-important and authoritative. Well, I will bet anyone a dime to a dollar that he's so far off-base and full of shit as far and the true authoritative figures at Microsoft as to Microsot's true feelings on the matter.

Second Life is among, if not the best-known 'virtual worlds' and often proclaimed the most popular (note: World of Warcraft is considered a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game - MMORPG, which Second Life is not, hence the difference.)

So, how many knuckleheads speaking for Microsoft are the left hands that haven't the foggiest idea what the right hands are doing? Personally, I really couldn't care any less what Microsoft does (as I am happily 100% Microsoft-free in all I do. Though Microsoft softwware isn't bad, it's nothing to be excited about, either.)

Craig Mundie gives mixed signals = dipshit.

Microsoft rules against Second Life: "Microsoft's Craig Mundie has said that 'synthetic virtual worlds' like Second Life, are a waste of cyber space.

Mundie, who oversees research and long-term strategy for Redmond, says it will not be until such worlds can use 3D tools that capture and model the real world that anyone will take any notice of them."

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