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~sarcasm on~ So Uncle Mark.. er... "M" speaks again. It would seem he intends a monthly public notice (really more geared toward media and anyone else who'll write about it.. ummm... like me, I guess.)

He spoke about the usual things like how concurrency broke the 70K mark. I remember when everyone was panicking the whole grid would explode when we broke 8k - some of you no doubt remember further back than that. He also blogged about Teleports failing less often and this less and that less and the wonderful things in-store...

4 months at the Lab: "Linden Lab is buzzing with activity. We’ve just completed a major strategy project to define the areas of focus for the next 18 months and we are in the process of translating those strategies into tactical action plans. To support the strategic initiatives we’ve identified, we’ll be hiring 60-70 more people over the next several quarters. This is all part of our commitment ensure Second Life remains the largest and most successful virtual world."

But that's the funny thing about it. "M" isn't really saying anything. Makes you think of "MI-5" and ol' James Bond, heh. The thing is, Mark Kingdon, Chief Executive Officer of Linden Research? Or is Linden Lab an official spin-off of Linden Research?

Come to think of it, the messages, announcements and practically all communication that comes out of the company isn't the only thing that leaves people confused.

Anyway, if you have ever wanted to be a coveted Second Life God (Linden) - looks like the opportunity's on the rebound. Of course, you submit your resume via the web and unless you are a coolaid-drinking, hip-hop-progressive-20-something, you'll never hear from them.

Okay, that was mean (but likely true) - I got that from some article Prokofy Neva wrote way back when. Anyway, Uncle M's remarks are considerably shorter than in the past, so if you usually get bored with seeing the same things said again and again about things you already know about, you'll get bored faster this month and it will be over sooner.

~sarcasm off~

Now - with all that sarcasm aside: Yo, Mark, congratulations.

I have been seeing improvements in the grid since even before you came aboard, though I am sure you have redoubled even the previous efforts. Along with a lot less communication from the company, there really is a lot less of the issues that plague us, as you mention.

Now you get the grid distributed properly so that critical areas don't get over-flooded with data requests and all those 'rusty' pipelines that gunk-up the system. Now if we can find a way to get 40 or 50 avatars in one place without the system bogging down to a crawl. Yes, Havoc and Mono help, no doubt. And certainly, as I've been saying for a long time, the end user's hardware plays a huge role, but anything and everything you can do on the back-end will help. Every penny counts, as they say.

Congratulations, Linden Lab. It does get better. I am anxious to see where it all goes from here. However, as secretive as MI-5 and it's leader, "M" are - I guess I'll just have to wait and see like everyone else.

(Via Official Second Life Blog.)

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