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Said it once, said it again... and again... and again.

Beware, folks. Over in the United Kingdom, they are making sure you know that taxes and Second Life are, in fact, linked and you need to know it, and act appropriately.

The (Press Release clearing house, basically) plops one of these beauties out:

The Chartered Institute of Taxation Returns to Second Life: "Chris Jones, a CIOT Council member, says: ‘As part of our commitment to helping people understand tax we are delighted to be dealing with this very important issue. The CIOT undertakes a range of educational projects and this is part of that programme.’"

To be fair, I understand this event to be where people can come (via Second Life) to get general tax questions answered and not specifically with regard to how taxes relate to Second Life. Though I do suspect that subject will rear it's head. I have no doubt about it, in fact.

European Union member residents already are slammed with Value Added Taxes and it doesn't matter if those taxes are refundable in whole or in part. Think of the hassle and time wasted (which equals cost to you) just in the paperwork alone.

All the Euros were livid when Linden Lab began enforcing the collection of VAT, and not by LL's choice. But rather by imposition.

So, Americans: let's take bets. How long before our government, federal or local, finally squeezes their hands into your virtual back-pocket like they are so badly itching to do and have been for a couple years now?

Six-months? A year? Two or three years?

Mark my words again: it's not if, but when. it's only a matter of time before the inevitable comes to pass.

By the way, for those of you interested in attending this Tax Answers event in second Life: The event will be held on the depo business park on Tuesday 30th September at 3pm BST.
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