PostHeaderIcon Torley Dood is Strange. But Not Me.

Okay, the title is a little misleading. It should read "Torley is strange. And so are you, and you, and you, and you."

Aren't we all strange to some others? Of course we are. Isn't that what the term "stranger" is supposed to mean? Put simply: you are new to me. There is a slight discomfort about you until I get to know you. Discomfort is usually described as 'strange', hence, you are a stranger to me.

Hey Torley, I admit you are strange. But, here's what I mean: sometimes your posts (yes, I read and follow your blog regular-like) just go over my head. I'd like to sit back, nod my head in feigned agreement, appearing to all witnesses (that would be zero) how enlightened I am at your illustrious, oh-so-wise words of genius.

But, I'm not so sophisticated as all that. The same is true when I read Prokofy Neva's blog. I enjoy the reading and the subject matter, but sometimes I'm just left scratching my head. Most others I get pretty easily.

So, yes, you are strange. So is Prok. So is Hamlet, and Tateru and CeNedra and Philip and all the rest of them. However, that is your charm. All of you. Unfortunately a lot of people will treat 'strange' as something that must be beaten down.

I criticize people all the time. But certainly not on the first, second or tenth meeting. Not until I get to know them. Even if it means simply lurking and observing for a long time. Unfortunately, there are people whom have met you only 30-seconds ago and then quickly jump-in by jumping on you over something you said all because it means something completely different than what it means when in full context.

Or, they are simply angry little people who do this to everyone because they hate the rest of the world.

So, am I normal? Holy-smackers, Batman, I hope not. At least, not to all those who know me!

We are stranger than we think: "Mediocrity is 'normal', what's tragically expected. 'Normal' is bland. 'Normal' is 'this is not who I really am, it's who I try to be to fit in with others'. All the while, those 'others' are thinking the same thing. And so on it goes, an ever-revolving round of charades. People pretending, wearing unnecessary masks — not for entertaining theatre, but at a large compromise to their lives."

Thank you, Torley for not being mediocre. I, for one, really appreciate it. I hope to express the same to Prok, too. And everyone else. Don't let the idiots beat you down and deflate you. For each bonehead who spits vitriol at you, there are ten more on the opposite side who adore you.

I'm not entirely sure what this post of yours, Torley, is really about (or the previous regarding criticism, which is my own speciality, LOL) - but this is one of those that doesn't make a whole lot of contextual sense to me.

So, please witness me now as I read your post. Sit back casually, two fingers and thumb gently rubbing my chin in contemplation as I absent-mindedly nod in total feigned agreement as my mind contemplates the artistic erudition of the thought-provoking enlightenment that has just flooded my intellect with illustrious, oh-so-wise words of genius and artistry.

Yes, my 'I want whatever the hell he's smoking, fun-loving, watermelony, he's too bright I need sunglasses' friend.

Come to think of it, I'm strange, too.
And damned proud of it.


(Via Torley Lives.)

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