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Second and third paragraph from this newspaper story (formatted to a single paragraph here because it's just easier to read):
But take a first look at Second Life, the largest and most popular website of what some are calling an immersion in a virtual world. College of Mount St. Joseph professor Dave Kroger is a big fan. Using the virtual destinations created on the website, he can meet "virtually" anyone from anywhere in the world.

...and the image bug:

Image courtesy of

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Okay, I can understand a newspaper from some emerging society elsewhere in the world. But one would figure that at least in the United States the news media would have at least figured it out by now. At the very least, done a little research.

But then again, it also is why newspaper readership count is falling dramatically. Not only because it's a world of 'information wants to be free' and it's easy to find at our fingertips, thanks to the Internet. But also, because many news journalists either have some kind of agenda or, simply, just don't do a very good job at reporting accurately.

I'd worked for a newspaper for many years in the past and I remember how conceited many of the so-called journalists were. That was in the days the Internet was just emerging. I'm not saying they all are still as conceited with some kind of slight 'greater than though, I'm influential' head space or not. But if you aren't going to do your job right, stop doing the job and embarrassing the rest of us that at least know better.


Inside A Virtual World: A Look At "Second Life" - Cincinnati breaking news
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