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"Your world. Your imagination" has new meaning. A startup called "Our World" is being billed as "similar to Second Life". Though a quick look-over of the site gives me the impression it's geared toward teens with bit of a 'cartoon' look to it.

Even so, the heat is on for Linden Lab as competition pressure begins to press. Not only with new start-ups and established virtual worlds and massive multi-player online role-playing games, but with others that are actual clones - to some degree - with open sim, and others like it.
Similar to Second Life, visitors to create avatars or virtual identities that live on the Internet, doing everything from visiting a coffee shop to catching a movie to dancing in a nightclub. Actions win you credits or “Flow” which can be used to change the look and appearance of your avatar.

FlowPlay Lets Casual Gamers Play Games and Socialize in New Virtual World
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