PostHeaderIcon Second Life Video Tutorials: Dead as we know it!

Okay - not really "dead" - but not as we 'know it', either. They're moving to Sundays.

Our favorite cheerful watermelonie Linden displays obvious goodwill and passion in his day-to-day and always seems to have a large smile, a chuckle and upbeat humor for all residents fortunate enough to run across his (or in-world sometimes: her) path.

Of course, when there are issues with the grid, people will use the talkback posts of the blog to rant and vent, but unlike many other announcements, the majority of talkbacks to Torley's posts are overwhelmingly positive.

"All the world is a mirror" - you will take what you give and fortunately for everyone, Torley always give bucket-loads of cheer and "friendly greetings".

Even in the face of "bad news" - which is really just good news in disguise:
"The Tip of the Week is moving from ~Thursday to Sundays! Why? It’s because: (1) I’m timecrushed during the week, (2) I observe some potentially worthwhile trends in video viewership metrics, and (3) I want to add variety to weekends on this blog amidst service updates. This is an experimental change and it starts next week on May 6, so I apologize there’s no TotW this week."

This is actually a nice reprieve for me, because I am recording the Torley tutorials to DVD and it's a lot of work to 1): arrange them so they make sense - beginner tips, interface tips, building tips, etc. Then, reencoding them into proper DVD format - then the actual authoring. It also looks like it will be several DVD's. When completed, I will be sending them off to Torley, via Linden Lab. So if you want copies - ask them. :)

It's up to Torley (and Linden Lab) if they want to make 'image' files of these available for residents to download. I don't care. Doing it more for myself (the entertainment value alone is worth the work) - and so I'll throw copies in his direction.

My whole point is - if you haven't seen a TorleyTute, you really don't know what you're missing. Just the sheer cheer is worth a great 'pick-me-up' when the 'grid is down'.

Hey, thanks, Torley... and remember, even with the sometimes vicious rants that appear in the talkbacks - the majority can't help but luv-ya!


More Video Tutorials on the way; no Tip of the Week today!
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