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So the new land store is dependent on the new server code that's been a finicky roll-out for a couple weeks as Linden Lab keeps initiating a roll out, then roll it back. However, I suspect some of that new functionality is definitely in place now.

In the original announcement, Jack linden mentioned this:
"Our new Land Store is moving through testing and will be launched in April, perhaps within a week or two depending on how final testing goes. It will be cross browser compatible and will provide nearly instant delivery of a new island after completing checkout."

Now, what sticks-out in my mind is the part that says "...nearly instant delivery of a new island after completing checkout" This means to me that the whole regions assigning to a resident who purchases one is finally automated the way it always should have been. I feel this also accounts, in part for the drastic price reduction in purchasing a region.

I am not privy to just how any of it is set-up, but I suspect there are several - many regions already running and ready to go, just waiting for a buyer. Much like a Gorean girl waiting to be purchased on the street of brands.

So, the new land store basically picks the next available, but already set-up and running sim-in-waiting and sets a few flags - such as the name, location on the grid, (map location,) who the owner is and so forth.

Well, the new land store isn't available, yet (as of this writing) - but the new prices are in effect and the regions are being delivered in blazing speed. Well, blazing in comparison to previously. When I purchased a private region from another, it took two-weeks. I've done this twice and the two-week timeframe is pretty tight. In each case these tickets were closed almost exactly at two-weeks to the day.

The instant is was announced that even with the new land store not being available and the old one returned - but that regions will now be sold at the new pricing, a friend jumped-in.

She got lucky and actually placed her order within minutes of the notice, placing her at or very near the front of the queue, so her situation may not be the norm once the rush comes-in. However, her region was delivered and that ticket closed within about three-days. And, the notice in email she received wasn't the usual personal message written by a concierge human. It appeared very templated, written in such a way as to apply to anyone whose region is being delivered.

Hey, that's all fine and well, I don't care. Just want my island!

It looks like there are many other little improvements happening behind the scenes at Linden Lab regarding Second Life - even improvements that weren't specifically asked-for in huge numbers. The kind of things we always whined about to ourselves, but never really vocalized to them.

So, to all to venters and whiners on the Second Life blog - take a chill pill and kick back. Whatever your whine or complaint, I really do believe they are working on it. Well, the big, money-making ones, anyway.

What do you think about all this?

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