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Good news, bad news from Linden lab as the new server updates, along with the expected new land store just won't go. Problems and unexpected gremlins just keep popping themselves up, no matter how hard they try.

So the old question of which do you want first? The bad news is the old land store has to be replaced as the new land store just isn't ready for prime-time. The good news is that all regions, including private estates are being sold under the new pricing structure. Unfortunately, 'Open Space' regions just aren't available through the land store and there is a large backlog that must be worked through.
From Cyn Linden:
"Rather than inflict you guys with a tool that isn’t ready yet, we have decided to bring the old store back up with the new prices. All the old challenges remain (doesn’t work in IE, wait time for delivery) but you will be able to place orders as you have in the past."

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