PostHeaderIcon Aditi Sees the Light of Day Prospero Linden sheds some serious light on the beta grid in his post to the Second Life blog. This is really good news, especially with the detailed explanation of what it is, what it's for and how to easily access it.

Many of us have been in SL for a very long time. Perusing the forums, (which still manage to survive, though they begin a rebound,) bounce all-over the SL-related blogosphere and watch the SL blog religiously. In all these things, those who participate this way at least, the "beta grid" is mentioned often.

Many creators will go to the beta grid to test there creations - and not only in the scripting. But,for example, when creating skins and clothing textures to test them out for proper look and alignment. Why? Because when you are on the beta grid, (now will be called the "preview grid" according Prospero,) you are for all intents and purposes, disconnected from Agni - the "main grid."

Hence, any money you spend there is basically free. It is not debited from your main wallet on the "main grid." So, it's easy to upload textures and animations and test away, make corrections, repeat. All without blowing your bankroll away.

But also important is the feedback Linden Lab needs there.

The beta grid has always been a kind of 'fuzzy' subject for most. With Prospero's blog entry, a clear description is provided, hopefully egging more people on to try it out.
Prospero Linden:
"You can use the same Second Life viewer you already use to log into Second Life! At the login screen, hit CTRL-SHIFT-G. At the bottom of the screen to the right of the “Quit” button, you will see a dropdown widget that allows you to select the grid that you want to log in to..."

(Re)Introducing the Preview Grid: Aditi « Official Second Life Blog
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