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I remember practically panicking when I saw Nicholaz's notice about discontinuing development of the SL viewer. Sad day in SL if you ask me. I love that viewer.

Albeit, it sometimes became a little dicey understanding which one to grab onto. Fortunately, every time I've dived-in, it was the correct version. Well, Nicholaz has posted a great little description of which is which over at his blog today:
Excerpt - "My builds always require a specific original viewer from Teh Laboratory installed. Most people will just want to choose the Nicholaz Edition which matches the viewer that they have already installed, so a look at your viewer's Help, About will give you the initial clue."

I say SWEET.

If you haven't played with Nicholaz Edition viewers (or any others besides Linden Lab's) - you really should give it a try. More stable, seems to be less resource-intensive. Runs slicker than snot. (Okay, Nicholaz, that was meant as a compliment.) :)

He also links to the Linden list of alternate viewers as well, which is really great as he is under no obligation to. The point here is, if you have issues running around inside Second Life, either because you don't like the viewer interface, it crashes or bails on you often, your computer crawls on it's knees... whatever reason...

Take a look at an alternate viewer.
You'll be amazed!

Nicholaz: thank you.

No, really. Thank you.

The "Nicholaz Edition"

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