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I ran across a blog post by Uccello Poultry, where she expresses her absolute fury over the way Windlight and Havok 4 break things. Now, I can certainly relate to Uccello's plight and I genuinely sympathize with anyone and everyone whose product have broken since the introduction of Havok 4 particularly. In this case, it's a swimming Animation Overrider. And Uccello display's their dumbfuck-dipshit intellect.

Certainly the anger and frustration are directed at Linden Lab for introducing Havok 4 as it broke a lot of things. In truth, Havok 4 fixed a multitude more things than it what it broke.

Additionally, Havok 4 was not sprung on everyone in a surprise ambush. It had been spoken of or at least six-months before hand, on the preview grid for several months, and even on the main grid with selected sims for two whole fucking months. All developers and creators were strongly, and I mean strongly urged to visit these places to test their creations.

Hence, I feel the frustration, and furious anger are misdirected and the Lindens. Rather, that wrath should be directed at the creators of broken products. It was their responsibility to test their creations on the new system and a ridiculous amount of opportunity had been provided. Thus, either that creator is AWOL and can't be contacted (hence, a dead product) or they simply don't care.

I don't know the details in this particular case regarding the creator of your dumbass swimming AO because I don't use a swimming AO. But, if the creator is refusing to rewrite the scripts or otherwise fix or replace the product as a matter of principal (I really don't suspect this, just making a point) - then is that fair to the customers to be made pawns in a personal gripe?

I say if you have a product that broke when Havok 4 was introduced, contact the creator and ask them what their intentions are regarding this. Then, of there are no plans to fix or replace the product, vote with your Linden Dollars and find a competing product that actually works, dumbass. You only show your dumbfuck ignorance by throwing blame at Linden Lab for breaking your fuckwad stupid-ass swimming AO. You poor fucking crybaby. Come'ere so I can change your diapers and spank your dumb ass while I'm at it.

For all of you furious at Linden Lab for fixing SL via Havok 4, well, tough shit and grow the fuck up. You need to get a clue and place the blame where it belongs. And if you get no recourse from the creators of your broken shit then stop your whiny-assed crying and go buy a new whatever-the-hell-it-is somewhere else. Perhaps so a flickering spark of intelligence and even ask the creator of the new competing (and working) product if they will allow a discount since your existing product is broken.

You'd be surprised. Many just might do that for you (if you can show you own the broken product) - after all, earning half-price on a sale is better than no sale at all.

I'd file this under a more appropriate category besides "Socially Disgraceful", but I don't have a category called "Dumbfuck Duh Award for Dumbasses".

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