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Okay, my words, not Torley. Only the great addictive one-and-only Torley can do it right, so I'll stop trying even. However, what has become an exciting tradition to look forward to, our resident Watermelon and high-energy, charismatic 'that tutorial guy' Torley has released a whole new set of video tutorial Quick Tips.

Unlike the full-blown 'feature-length', seriously in-depth tutorials that focuses on a basic set and subset of specific features of Second Life or the SL Viewer, these are short bursts of seriously useful information that are easy and very quick to watch. usually each being only two-minutes or less.

The two-minute quick tips usually revolve around a loose theme. This time around, the batch focuses on multiple ways to do several things. The benefit in this being that you just might find a faster, more convenient way for you to do something.

For example: I would click on the map, TP or whatever... though useful, the red beacon can be irritating when not needed. I would open the map, choose the Friends menu - just to kill the beacon, close the map. Then I learned through one of Torleys tutorials about something else completely different, and he just happened to mention - completely off-handed that "you can also just click the little red pointer arrow to kill the beacon."

Holy Second Life Uber-beacons Batman!

It's the tiny little tidbits like these are are so valuable in these tutorials. So, even if you already know how to rez a box on the ground, open it and copy the contents into your inventory - you might just very well want to watch a tutorial focusing on this for all the little things Torley mentions, and teaches, when he doesn't even know that's what he's doing - and it all helps to make using Second Life and the SL Viewer far more pleasurable - and helps counterbalance those frustrating time - like when you can't seem tp out of a private island, but easily TP into it, (hint, Lindens, hint.) LOL.

The two-minute Quick Tips are priceless: information and entertaining.

Go now, Grasshopper, and learn abundantly!
"When I started my Second Life, I was helped by some intensely nice people who encouraged me to share what I’d learned from them. I’m keeping my promise and passing on these tidbits like the yummy info-cookies they are!"

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