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After the ruckus and farce that is the "Skin Piracy" issue regarding 'Danae' of Renderosity and 'Minnu' of Second Life, scenario introduced by Tenshi, I've about had it with the self-serving, vitriolic world of "fashionista". It's completely laughable how some will become for rabid over some things that they are blinded by their own rage.

However, Crap Mariner, who can see as bright a shade of red as anyone else at least appears to reserve such judgments until he know it is warranted. It's an unfortunate thing when something like skin textures become ripped-off. It's a hugeley serious accusation and why I jumped into the previous fray to debunk an indefensible accusation of "piracy" and theft regarding skin textures.

In fact, that thread is still highly active and I see a lot of the Renderosity moderators are going there to see just how I tore-up their blanket End User License Agreement to show that Danae has no further say in how her materials are used within Second Life, as long as they are acquired legally.

I have yet to be proven wrong.

So, along comes this very sad bit of news from Pandora, a friend of Craps:
"Someone who received the textures as a “free skin” through MSN chat recognized it when she saw it on a mannequin at [removed for ethics - name shown at source] and immediately contacted me. I got a copy of the textures from her and was able to verify that it is, indeed, my clockwork skin. However, it is the altered version of the skin that I use on the mannequin so it is easy to recognize due to the fact that it has blue eyes painted into the face while skin textures normally do not have eyes."

Now here's a clear-cut, known to be accurate accusation. Why is it clear-cut and known to be accurate? Verified texture file. No EULA or "flat file texture" authorized for sale at any time for any use. Created and intended from inception for use within Second Life.

Tenshi: this is a story to can take-up and run with. And you know what? I would back you up and run all the way with you on it.

In the mean time, I wouldn't want to piss-off Crap.

Seething. Blind. Rage. (What Is This Crap?)
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