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"Katt Linden - Dance-Challenged"
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Katt is doing a wonderful job and it's practically sad it took so long before she came on-board in this capacity. Maybe not quite on the same thing that Torley is , I can feel her cheerful smile in the way she writes and communicates with the community - real or not.

Thank you, Katt! You are doing an awesome job from where I sit.

Katt's most recent post to the Second Life blog, as of this writing, is to proclaim and inform about the annual Second Life, (remember Linden Land?) birthday party. Yes, there will be many of you whose eyes glaze-over while briefly glancing-over the information, barely taking-in what's being said.

Well, you should read it aain, with a little more attention.

No matter the frustrations, the grid instabilities, (anyone remember the Grey Goo attack in 2006?) - the new and old bugs (still waiting for Lindens to FIX the BACKWARD Alpha-Sorting - my biggest pet-peeve that broke after some update a year or more ago.) No matter the serious SNAFUs LL has made (total silence where a voice is in terrible need: the 'ageplay' fiasco last year) and at the same time dropping bombshells when they should probably not have said anything until it was properly time (think: new voice feature, Identity Verification, which somehow morphed into "Age Verification" which somehow sits rather stagnant now.)

Never mind all that stuff for a time. Because, with all the frustrations we face we are all still here.

It simply has to do with the enjoyment outweighing the disappointments. The joy outweighing the frustrations.

So, it's time to celebrate. Whether you run-off to the actual celebration parties with the Lindens or not, take a few moments to, at least privately, thank Uncle Phil for having such a bizarre vision that turned into what is now Second Life.

Take a look at the blog post to see how you can actually help-out and even show-off.

Thank you, again, Katt!
Katt Linden:
"This is a Resident-created, Linden Lab-sponsored event, which means that Linden Lab has donated the land and various basic resources, but the rest comes from you, the community. And there is room for many people to get involved. Even if you don’t want to enter an exhibit, you can volunteer to help the Birthday Team build-out the event infrastructure, help with publicity, translate signs into various languages, give tours of the exhibits, etc."

Calling All Cultures to the Second Life 5th Birthday Celebration
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