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Cool BuildsWagner James Au over at GigaOM got what could be the typical PR response from Mark Kingdon - "M" Linden about the Openspace SNAFU:
Virtual Protest Threatens Linden Lab’s Profitability - GigaOM: "I contacted freshly minted Linden CEO Mark Kingdon for his comments about the protest. In a statement provided by his publicist, Kingdon told me, ‘We understand that this price adjustment will affect businesses and other projects of some our Second Life Residents,’ and emphasized the cost increases were only directed at select landowners, who have until January 2009 to adjust themselves to the new rates.

‘To be clear,’ Kingdon continued, ‘this price adjustment affects only a portion of land in Second Life; it does not apply to private islands or regular mainland property. We made this change to ensure an optimal Second Life experience for all Residents.’"

Is "M" Linden really that stupid?
Hello, M Linden. There was never a question as to which part of the different "types" of virtual land that was affected with this announcement. You sound like Barac Obama or John McCain.

Either you are really effing stupid (we know better) or this is the dumbest dumbass spin of giving and answer without giving an answer I (we all) have ever seen (you know better).

So I'm afraid Mr. Kingdon, I am forced to say it:


If you really want to know what I think of the "Openspace sim" controversy, visit my other blog Socially Mundane. Specific articles are here, here, here and here.

courtesy of GigaOM
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