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No, I haven't received any comments accusing me of this and I certainly wouldn't proclaim it. I am far from a "Linden fanboy" - however I do try to see the logical common sense in things, though I expect to start receiving them soon enough.

The comments over at gigaOM under the article I posted about yesterday are all over the place, but all say the same basic things. So I posted my own feedback reply there:
Virtual Protest Threatens Linden Lab’s Profitability - Ari Blackthorne: "I don’t like it any better than anyone else.
I hate that Linden does this.
But - in a BUSINESS SENSE, it’s pure genius."

It's a bit of a long post in the talk-back area of another blog. And since I was more or less speaking to all the other talkback participants and not the article author (James Hamlet Au) - I figured I'd repeat my talkback post here. because of the way the loudmouths are acting, I simply had to classify this as 'Embarrassing".

To all of you naughty, ridiculous, emotionally shrill people:

I'll be the bad guy. I'll take all the flame posts and be your sacrificial barbecue at the stake:

I don't like it any better than anyone else.
I hate that Linden does this.
But - in a BUSINESS SENSE, it's pure genius.

No, I am not referring to PR-wise. But that problem will blow-over quickly because people have short memories. Remember the KinderPorn hoopla? The Gambling-Ban-fiasco? All those other reasons for people to scream in shrill voices?

I am not saying they (the screamers) are wrong or without merit.
What I /am/ saying is this: what can you do about it?

The smart thing to do is simple: we have 60-days to choose. So, use that sixty days to first discover if you will be able to raise the funding to maintain the Openspace sim. If not, decide how much into the hole you are willing to go.

If that's a no-go, sit and wait to see if Linden Lab adjusts these price changes in a way that is more digestible for most people, say for example a ranked system or a "use-tier' rate based on how your OS sim is used.

Then finally, when the time to pay the new tier fee is near, if all else fails then - and only then - submit your ticket of abandonment. You, we, all who own OS sims (or rather, lease) don't have to act in such a knee-jerk way. If you are shrill about it, who will listen to you other than those in your camp?

But if you are calm and collected and reenforce your argument, instead of raising your voice, you are more likely to open a real dialog and possible actual results may come of it.

FailureAs for all of you "threatening" to bail to OpenSim grids: good riddance. Take your dramafest with you. And when you go, you also take with you comeptition, drama, and bandwidth. In short, you make the grid better for those of us with a calm and collected mind [who remain behind].

A more stable grid, less competition in business (whatever that business might be) and less nonsense drama for a more peaceful existence. Unfortunately, 99% of the "I'm done with SL" crowd are all bark and no bite. Just like all those whom have made that same threat day-in and day-out throughout Second Life's history and you know a few already.

Either they just can't leave, or they leave and return, or the find some 'positive' reason that 'placates' them into returning or they create more alts.

I have had accounts on six or seven OpenSim grids. They are Second Life back in 2004. The reason people stay with second Life even through these infuriating scenarios is simple: Second Life is /established/. And so are you. Both financially and through "sweat equity."

So my suggestion is simply: stop the rhetoric, calm down, put your thinking caps on and let's open a civilized, calm, progressive dialog with Linden Lab - and not as much with Jack Linden, but rather to the top-shop: Robin and "M" Linden.

Shit. I should have just made all this a post on my own blog LOL
meh, think I will.
courtesy of GigaOM
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