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Internet MapIf you have followed this blog for any length of time whatsoever, you already know I try to be as balanced as I can, with common sense. By that I mean, I will defend Linden Lab and the Linden employees where they are unfairly, unscrupulously and just plain wrongly abused and attacked with shrill vitriolic nonsense.

However, I am not a "fanboy" of Linden lab, either. I will chastise Linden Lab and Second Life "residents" in a heartbeat with all I've got if I think it's warranted. Again, this all being based on common sense.

I won't bother linking to the mountains of blog posts and talkbacks all over the SLOgosphere (I forget who coined that term, but I'm hijacking it) - including my own posts here and on my other blog. But suffice it to say I can drop a pretty good hammer.

I always have proclaimed and tried to beat into the heads of the shrill idiots out there that Linden Lab doesn't like instability or bugs any more than we do. That they really are trying to work on this stuff and we all are simply experiencing the never-ending growing pains that come with such technology.

As for Jack Linden's post about 'Open Space' costs and tiers going up in January, do you really think he made that decision all on his own? Grow the f*ck-up, will you? No one and Linden Lab is an island. Nothing is done or decided on without great thought and consideration for the welfare of the business, then the welfare of the users.

He is simply the messenger. For crying out loud.

So FJ Linden drops a post in to the Second Life blog - one of his monthly grid updates. And it's good news. It is confirmation of what we have always wanted: a serious effort at fixing grid and system stability, and also the knowing that perviously mentioned ideas are now going to be implemented.

But also, for all you screaming whiners who don't have a single positive thing to say about Linden Lab and the Linden employees:
"I’m happy to report that we have an approved plan to move away from VPN reliance. We’ve finalized a design and chosen facility and equipment partners to build and deploy a private fiber optic ring to interconnect our datacenters."

The emphasis is mine. Remember, not everyone at Linden Lab, or any other company for that matter can run around doing whatever the hell they want willy-nilly. So, when you see an announcement on the Second Life blog - for example, Jack Linden's announcement that tiers are going up for the Open Space sims - go ahead and give your disgruntled feedback. But don't kill the messenger as so many of you choose to do. It's unlikely Jack or any other single person came-up with this idea and decided to implement it all on their own lonesome whim.

So do try to remember, these men and women working for Linden Lab ore - as a rule - doing what they are told to do, under direction of superiors. If you want to lambast anyone in-particular, chew on "M" Lindens ass. It's what he is there for, these kind of decisions must be approved by him, and he is the one sole individual responsible for anything and everything Linden Lab does or does not do.

As for the good news:
Ongoing Updates from the Grid from FJ Linden: "‘LLnet’ will be the designation of our private network and we have established an aggressive timeframe to activate it. I’m pushing hard to bring LLnet online by the end of this year (’08), and begin a phased migration off of the VPN’s immediately after. Given the amount of traffic to move, I would estimate completion of this project by February or March of ‘09 at the latest. So we have a light at the end of the tunnel on one of our biggest stability issues"

So my question for Robin Linden and the legal department: is "LLnet" a registered trademark, too?

courtesy of Official Second Life Blog
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