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The Infant FingerI like Jack. Jack Linden is an up-front guy, doesn't pull any punches and says it like it is. Way to go Jack. I really mean that.

As I've said in my previous posts, Jack is certainly not the main or final decision maker in these matters. And no doubt everything he spoke of in the original Second Life blog post is true, it's not the whole explanation.

I ran into another blog posting on the subject regarding the price changes themselves and it was such an epiphany for me, All I could say was "ditto" and link back.

As for the reason of the price change: I feel Jack is upfront, honest and truthful about it all. As for the price-points chosen - this is not Jack's domain. This part falls to other powers that be, including the Chief Financial Officer, Zee Linden - or whatever the hell his name is. And besides, Linden Lab, on an official basis, steadfastly proclaims Linden Dollars (L$) as nothing more than in-game tokens and have no monetary value whatsoever. (I looked for Tateru's article on this - from way-back-days - but couldn't find it to link to it.)

So, if the tier goes up by $20 or $100 difference, it doesn't matter. A lot of people will abandon their Openspace sims. So, analyze the situation, project how many will likely bail an then build that loss into the amount of price change.

Since the increase is about 67% as proclaimed by so many with better math than I have, then it can be assumed that LindenLab is projects approximate 40% bail-rate.

This is genius as business sense goes.

Raise the tier, absorb such a high rate of loss (assume 40%,) maintain the same or near same income. Additionally, freeing up 40% of all the resources being used by these Openspaces, and now having the additional cost of continuing sales of these Openspace sim and resource requirement costs built-in hence forth - and make a little more profit in the mean time as those resources (hardware, etc.) can be recycled - thus saving more money.


The only issue I see with it is this: There are those who use Openspace sims for their intended purpose: simple 'builds" and literally "open space" - water or prairie or whatever. These people are getting 'ripped' at the high cost of leasing hosting for these sims. It's like paying your web hot provider to host a web page that is basically plank. or shows a picture or two. No other real content.

But there also are those who do use these Openspace sims for more. I do, I have a sparsely built "residential" area between two of my own sims. However, except for prim use, there's practically no load and it is rare anyone ever spends any real time there, and it is tightly managed. It is a static area.

Then there are those who try to use an Openspace sim the same way as a "full" sim is used: as a destination - with shopping, gathering, role-playing - whatever. Intended to be like a main destination sim, intending to draw people, intending to be a hang-out gathering place.

So, there's three "tiers of use" right there.

Perhaps a good idea for Linden Lab (Are you paying attention Robin, and Jack and Zee-oo-whatever your name is?)

Personally, I would suggest the Openspace sims being used as actual "Open Spaces" remain at the original tier level. Perhaps 30% increase in cost for "medium-use" - like I have it. And the full 60% increase (an additional 30%) for those who are pushing the limits.

Certainly the Grid system is robust and flexible enough to automate the checking-of-use on these sims and the billing process can be automated.

I, for one, am totally willing to pay for the way I use my Openspace sim according to the way I use it on a "use-tier" system. I don't resell or lease land on mine. It's already built. If you rent a house on my Openspace sim, you are allowed a limited number of prims to set out. The rest I control.

But those using an Openspace sim the same way as a full sim (including tricking people to think it's a full-sim) should pay accordingly.

Well, there's my two Linden Dollars worth of feedback.

And no, I choose not to use the forums. Though I might pop in there to post a link to here. I know Lindens Peruse my rhetoric at least sometimes. I don't expect any feedback from them and neither should I. I am one of the rare Second Life residents who is not with an entitlement attitude.

As for whatever happens in Second Life: it is Linden Lab's right to dictate what, when, who and how. Even where, within the virtual world.

Me? I actually support them. Why? Because I enjoy Second Life and it is Linden Lab who provides it. And Linden lab must do what Linden Lab must do to remain a viable and going-concern. If that means they have to raise their usage fees, then so be it.

You, just like me, have to evaluate the cost-to-benefit ratio. When you've made that evaluation, make your decision, act on it. For me, I plan to see further what actual plan Linden Lab comes up with.

If they do choose to go with a "use-tier" billing method, I'll keep my Openspace sim. If they do not and the increase remains as originally posted - well, they gave 60-days notice, just like they promise. And I will likely abandon the Openspace and just keep my two full class-fives, nless I can find a way to subsidize the additional cost, which I won't hold my breath on.

There's no reason to get bent out of shape on the ordeal. I don't like it, but I do understand it and thus, I throw my support into it.

Update regarding the Openspaces announcement « Jack Linden: "We are saying that the use has changed, and continues to do so as people find more creative ways to use them. So the revised pricing is about recognising that change of use and the additional costs and value associated with it.

"Over the next few days we will be continuing to review the feedback and keep the dialogue flowing with as many of you as we can. If you have something to say, the forum is the best place to say it. It is clear that some Openspaces are being used as they were intended originally, so we recognise that there are different levels of usage that we need to account for."

courtesy of Second Life Blog
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