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Tech Central isn't as much "mainstream" as they come. But it is the first salvo of the Public Relations jolt Linden Lab will face in the "rest" of the real world as news of their Openspace Tier-hike makes its rounds through the 'standard' media.

And, since we know that often, even though news like this Openspace tier issue spreads like wildfire, the burning embers keep burning as people still talk about and report on the "bank closures" in Second Life.

And Mark Kingdon's spin is called-out into the open.

/me rubs index fingers together as though trying to start a "M" Lindon, wondering if "M" really stands for 'Malarkey'.
Tech Central - Times Online - WBLG: Second Life needs a bailout after all: "Last week, when I spoke to Mark Kingdon, the chief executive of Linden Lab, the company that runs Second Life, he was keen to tell me that his virtual world wasn't suffering thanks to the credit crunch. In fact, he claimed that it was thriving.

So it's a tad shocking that the company was forced to create a bailout plan of its own this week - jacking up the price of the cheapest Second Life land by $50 - a 66 per cent increase. The resulting outcry has been predictable."

courtesy of Tech Central
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