OPEN SPACE BAIT AND SWITCH: "Such degradation is NOT due, however, to people improperly using Open Space Sims. To be blunt, that's just more of the corporate propaganda smoke screen they've employed for the last five years: blame the customers for their problems. To put it simply: Linden Lab sold more resources than they had to offer.

Their soluttion therefore, is to reduce the number of Open Space sims. But how can they do so without reducing profits? They can't just close the sims, because that will cost them some $1.2 million a month in revenues, plus make them liable for setup fees. However, they CAN increase Open Space sim prices so ludicrously that people are forced to shut down their sims.

How will that not cost Linden Lab profits? Because at an 67% price hike, Linden Lab can afford to lose some 40% of their Open Space Sim customers and still break even. However, isn't that unfair to their customers? Of course it is. But after the last five years of history, is there anyone out here who really expects them to care about the welfare or wishes of their customers? Their history in such things is pretty established."


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